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Hi everyone, Welcome to my post regarding the "SHARE YOUR BATTLE" Challenge. For this week's challenge, I'll be sharing my battles using Possibilus the Wise, One of the legendary Summoners from Chaos Legion edition. And before going to the main discussion.........


The ruleset for this time is UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with 29 mana. UP CLOSE & PERSONAL is a situation where Only Monsters with Melee attack may be used in battles.


My Line-Up

- Give 2 Additional Health points to All Allies

- Give additional abilities (Reach and Trample) to All Allies Melee monsters
I used Possibilus the Wise because it was my Plan B when EARTH (Mylor Crowling) which is my reliable weapon in the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ruleset could not be used (unavailable)

Another reason is because of the REACH which allows Melee monsters that do not have SNEAK or OPPORTUNITY abilities to attack. And TRAMPLE which is quite useful to finish off 2 Melee monsters that have few Health points left.
Heal (Lv1)
+ Thorn (Lv2)
I chose Hydra because I need a Melee Monster that has THORN so that when dealing with the opponent's melee monster, he has other weapons besides his attacks.

HEAL is also needed so that TANK can survive longer if dealing with an opponent who has high Attack points.
Inspire (Lv1)I prefer using Demented Shark instead of Disintegrator which has DEMORALIZE because there is a possibility that my opponent will use Disintegrator and place a monster that has SHIELD as a TANK (If the number of Atack points of my monster is 1, then my attack has no effect on the monster).
Sneak (Lv1)to focus attacks on the opponent's monster that is in the last position.
Sneak + Flying (Lv1)to focus attacks on the opponent's monster that is in the last position.
Thorn (Lv5)I chose to use Enchanted Defender to divert attention from OPPORTUNITY monsters (because they have the lowest Health points). And I put it at the very end to block the attacks from opponent's SNEAK monsters.




The opponent used Zintar Mortalis which is specialized to weaken the attacks of Melee monsters (and also suitable for UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Ruleset). The opponent seems to be using the same strategic approach as me, relying on SNEAK monsters and placing monsters with THORN last to block the opponent's SNEAK monsters.

After all abilities are applied.....


Zintar Mortalis's ability grants 1 attack point reduction to all of my Mele monsters permanently. No additional abilities are granted by opposing monsters.

Possibilus the Wise's ability adds 2 Health points to all my monsters, and he adds the abilities REACH and TRAMPLE to all my Melee monsters. An additional monster ability adds 1 Attack point to all my melee monsters by Demented Shark.


In the first round, Spineback Wolf attacked Hydra but he was also affected by THORN which destroyed his SHIELD. The opponent's 3 SNEAK monsters (Silent Sha-vi, Skeleton Assassin, and Uraeus) attacked and damaged the SHIELD of Enchanted Defender. But afterwards, they were hit by THORN so they lost their SHIELD and some Health points.

Hydra heals herself (after being hit by Spineback Wolf) then attacks Xenith Monk. Pelacor Bandit and Uraeus attacked and injured Cursed Windeku but they were also affected by THORN.

Xenith Monk healed himself and then attacked Hydra (but he got THORN after attacking Hydra).

And the last attack in this first round came from Demented Shark who attacked Xenith Monk.


In the second round, Pelacor Bandit and Uraeus attacked Cursed Windeku again and were hit by THORN.

My opponent's 3 SNEAK monsters each defeated 3 of my monsters. My opponent's Silent Sha-vi beat my Enchanted Defender, my opponent's Skeleton Assassin beat my Pelacor Bandit, and my opponent's Uraeus beat my Uraeus.

Spineback Wolf attacked Hydra again and was hit by THORN. Hydra then healed herself and defeated Xenith Monk. because of TRAMPLE, Hydra had the opportunity to attack again and managed to defeat Spineback Wolf (even though she was hit by THORN).

The last attack of the second round came from Demented Shark who attacked Skeleton Assassin.


In the third round, Skeleton Assassin attacked Hydra but lost due to being hit by THORN. The same happened to Silent Sha-vi who attacked Hydra and lost due to being hit by THORN.

Hydra then healed herself and immediately defeated Uraeus. With TRAMPLE, Hydra also instantly defeated Cursed Windeku despite the effects of THORN.

To see the entire battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

I was lucky enough this time to be able to win the battle. If not for Possibilus the Wise's abilities, maybe the situation could have been reversed. My three monsters that were in the rear stance were defeated. One of them was defeated due to the consecutive attacks of 3 opponent's SNEAK monsters. While the others lost because of THORN.

For future strategy, maybe I will exchange my 2 SNEAK monsters with Deeplurker who has OPPORTUNITY ability. The reason is of course to avoid THORN from Cursed Windeku. Another reason is because it is very likely that 2 opponent's SNEAK monsters can be defeated in the first round by using TRAMPLE

Do you like Possibilus the Wise?

I'm not too familiar when using Possibulus the Wise. because as I said above, using Possibilus the Wise is only Plan B when Mylor Crowling can't be used. Possibilus the Wise is only suitable for use when in a Ruleset that specializes or benefits the use of Melee Monsters, such as UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL and MELEE MAYHEM.


That was the post SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE for this time. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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