Hi, everyone. Welcome to my post. In the Social Media Challenge, I will discuss anything about SPLINTERLANDS, it can be about cards, abilities, rulesets, battle reviews, End of Season results, or my playing experience.

in this post, I will explain how to make the attacks of the opponent's monsters miss continuously. What methods should be used (certain abilities/rulesets), and whether they work one hundred percent?


Continuous Missing Attacks

Is it possible to constantly evade being attacked by opposing monsters? The answer is yes. But we need a lot of factors to be successful in evading all the opponent's monster attacks. these factors include:


Speed is one of the factors that can make your opponent's monster attacks miss. The greater the speed difference, the higher the percentage of evading the opponent's monster attacks will be. How much speed difference is needed in order to evade one hundred percent of the attacks of all the opponent's monsters? (We will see the answer later)


The second factor in order to evade the opponent's monster attack is Ability. The abilities needed here are abilities that are specialized to increase the evasion rate. The abilities that fall into this category are DODGE, FLYING, PHASE, AND BLIND.

DODGE, FLYING, and PHASE belong to the buff type where this ability will increase the evasion rate (+25%) of the monster that gets or has that ability. Meanwhile, BLIND falls into the de-buff type where this ability will give a decrease in attack accuracy to all opposing monsters by -15%.

Chaos Dragon is equipped with FLYING and BLIND abilities

In addition to Evasion Ability, abilities to regulate speed such as SLOW and SWIFT are also required. SLOW and SWIFT itself can only change speed by 1 POINT, so we need several monsters of this type and monsters with Evasion Ability.


The method to evade the opponent's monster attack doesn't always work. Only in certain Rulesets (or conditions) are we likely to be able to evade the opponent's monster attack 100%.

AIM TRUE is one of the Rulesets that does not allow us to use this method (evade the opponent's attack). In AIM TRUE, all attacks will 100% hit their targets (even if they have evasion abilities or have an advantage in speed). AIM TRUE ruleset can be said to be a ruleset that gives TRUE STRIKE abilities to all monsters in the battle arena.

Meanwhile, FOG OF WAR is one of the Rulesets that (in my opinion) can be used as a place to evade the opponent's monster attacks. Because in FOG OF WAR, the opponent's monsters can only focus on the monster in the first position. And abilities like OPPORTUNITY, SNIPE, and SNEAK are eliminated so that monsters with evasion abilities (or abilities to regulate speed) that have very low HEALTH or are in the last position will not worry about being attacked by monsters with the aforementioned abilities.

Below is one example where the opponent's monster attack rarely hits its target...




In this battle, there is the FOG OF WAR Ruleset, which is an ideal Ruleset (in my opinion) to try out methods of evading the opponent's monster attacks. I added a monster with MARTYR ability (Venari Marksrat) as well as a monster with RESURRECT ability (River Hellondale) to increase the STATS of the Void Dragon later.


I also brought 2 monsters with SLOW ability and 1 monster with BLIND ability to increase the evasion rate. All monsters from the opponent's side received a 2 POINT reduction in SPEED (3 POINT reduction in SPEED, 1 POINT increase in SPEED from Supply Runner) and BLIND.


At the end of the first round, Venari Marksrat was defeated twice (revived by River Hellondale when he was defeated for the first time) and this gave Void Dragon 2 additional STATS so that the SPEED of Void Dragon is now 7.

Void Dragon was about to be attacked by Coastal Sentry (TRAMPLE ability's effect) when she defeated Venari Marksrat, but her attack missed. And when Venari Marksrat lost for the second time (Void Dragon was in first place) the attacks from Igor Darkspear and Swamp Spitter also failed to hit Void Dragon.


In the second round, Void Dragon was only hit by the second attack from Coastal Sentry. Meanwhile, he successfully avoided the attacks from the other opposing monsters.


It wasn't until the fourth round that Void Dragon received an attack from an opposing monster. This time it was from Supply Runner.

In this fourth round, the opponent lost Diemonshark.


The Void Dragon took another hit from the Supply Runner in the sixth round.


The sixth round is the last round which attacks from the opponent's monsters can hit Void Dragon (which has gotten a STATS boost). Until the tenth round, Void Dragon is not hit by any more attacks from the opponent's monsters.

For a more complete view of the battle and to know the final result, you can check out...



If you look at the battle above, in order to evade one hundred percent of the opponent's monster attacks, `we need at least a 6-point difference in speed as well as additional Evasion Ability (in this battle has VOID and FLYING abilities owned by Void Dragon and BLIND ability given by Chaos Dragon to all opponent monsters).

The Coastal Sentry that lost the speed difference by 5 points can still land 1 attack while the Supply Runner that lost the speed difference by 4 points can land 2 attacks.

I was also worried that Void Dragon would get hit by River Hellondale from the opponent's side. I was worried because River Hellondale has a DISPEL ability when it is level 3. DISPEL ability itself is an ability that can remove the buff received by the opponent's monster. And if River Hellondale's attack manages to hit Void Dragon (just once), it will remove the additional STATS he received and it is very likely that the attacks of the opponent's monsters can hit him (because the speed difference is only 2~4 points).


Those are the kinds of things I discussed in this Social Media Challenge. Thank you for reading to the end and see you in other discussions in next week's Social Media Challenge.

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