My First Months in Splinterlands with Guides

I started Splinterlands in November of 2021. Right at the hype of the Game coin movement. I had some experience with exchanges and had limited knowledge of defi swaps like pancake swap. it took me a long time to learn about the different protocols like BEP and ERC. I was looking for a game that would last and was hoping that Splinterlands would be the next Magic the Gathering movement with the early cards.

SO How was I to play this game? I bought the Spell book and with that I had unknowingly set up a hive account. I joined a guild that was open. The boss gave me some homework. I went to YouTube for answers.

I followed the instructions to get DEC and SPS in game without using ETH and set up my Keychain. You can transfer BNB from an exchange to Metamask.
I went with a mix of SPS and DEC for staking and airdrop points respectively.
Official Splinterland tournaments require staked SPS around 1200k+ so keep that in mind for the future.

I went online and found a cheap rental setup with shieldbearer>Armorsmith>lone Boatman>assassin

I was able to rent cards using the peakmonsters auto bid and eventually got to silver. try to keep rentals card power to dec cp/dec as high as possible. starts at 600 cp/dec beginning of season almost to 100 eos.

Then Chaos Legion was released and I had to relearn everything. Keep this in mind when Riftwatchers comes out as the game will change again.

There are BOTS in game allowed and encouraged. It is relentless. too beat them i turned to online content creators to learn the game. Please be aware idk for sure how many of these people are paid by the game but they defiantly have a vested interest and probably run these bots behind the curtain as well.


The rewards are for the PEONS.

First up Bulldog1245

This guide changed my game. He gives you the concepts of how the mechanics work. You can see how he keeps his most important card alive and I have used this technique in all my builds going forward.

I am suspicious that he shares the same number of Dwayne Cunningham infidel1258. My imagination gets the best of me. Is this the number of the Games Venture Capitalist line? Are they part of the Splinterlands Cabal that bought and given SPS early on for upfront money so that it really does change their lives?
Here Dwane goes over placement of cards.

Try to get to Silver 1 so u don't get reset into bronze. Its a grind getting back EOS.
I took the fire team to Silver. I bought a Zero mana Scorch Fiend , The elven cutthroat, Uraeus. I mean I bought them all. Then One day, One day the bots got better at silver, out of respect.

I made a spreadsheet using Snipping tool so when a game start I can remember all my strategies.



Above: using Bulldog Strategy to beat Sloan

I name the files Mana-ruleset-winning splinter-loosing splinter
for quick searches. sometimes I put opponent name at end like Miller.

This can jog your memory of the strategy even if that splinter not available or it my tell you what opponent going to play for a counter.

I also played Water , death and earth to the game mode and mana amount strengths. low mana and some magic opponents i will play death, Mana 16-24 fire, high mana is water. Water i got the axemaster , kelp initiate and Djinn Oshannus. Axe man can cut through teams like butter.

So Oldmanqt taught me how to get to gold. But this was gonna get expensive. see you next blog. Who are the 12s? leave a comment below.


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