A card with great investment potential for the future and an excellent choice for your battles.


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Today I'm going to talk about an amazing airdrop card that I don't understand how it's still little used because I consider it extremely strong and can even win battles alone.

His name is Uriel the Purifier and he is a legendary card from the chaos legion edition that belongs to the life deck and in this post you will learn more about this fantastic card and also how it can be a great investment option for you.

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  • Before talking about values I will explain why this card is amazing and I will start by talking about its stats and abilities.

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In the image above you can get an overview of the card and what it has in each level so I won't mention how the leveling system works and will go straight to the usefulness of the card.

It is a card that has 11 mana cost and that is quite high, but don't be scared by that number because it will be worth every mana spent. Its attack is melee type and it is the type of card that you will put in the first position so it is a defensive card but also incredibly strong in attack.

Now let's talk about his abilities which is what makes him really powerful and in all they are 4 so I will talk one by one.

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Starting with the ability Flying which makes it have a +25% chance to dodge attacks that don't have the ability Flying, and if you've played against cards with that ability then you should already know how they dodge a lot in battle so don't get too much watch out for the percentage because it will surely dodge many times and that is an amazing ability to have on a card in the first position as it is the card that takes the most damage during the round.

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Its next ability is Recharge which recently arrived in splinterlands with the arrival of chaos legion and it is also an amazing ability since the card with it will do 3x its damage, but this card will have to recharge for 1 round and the next round it will attack doing 3x damage so it's quite powerful but your card has to survive during the round to be able to attack the next one, but that won't be a problem for Uriel the Purifier.

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Its third ability is one that I consider essential for a card that positions itself in the first position, that ability is Heal and it makes the card heal 1/3 of its maximum health during its turn, so it's an amazing ability to get have since Uriel the Purifier will take a lot of damage during the round so healing is very useful and will help a lot for him to survive and deal damage in the next round with the ability Recharge.

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Its last ability is Redemption which will also be very useful in battle as it does 1 damage to all enemy cards and as Uriel the Purifier is a card that is in the first position and takes a lot of damage so it will be defeated in battle It's not impossible although I consider it quite difficult, but if it happens it will still deal 1 damage to enemy cards and that may seem like little but in some battles it can make an incredible difference so it's a great ability.

I think that's all you need to know about the usefulness of this amazing card and now that you know it better so let's talk about values which is something important to mention since splinterlands is an amazing game to have fun and also earn money so It's an excellent combination don't you think?

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  • Analyzing Price.

After meeting Uriel the Purifier you must have your own opinion about the card, but I particularly consider it an amazing card to have, because it will be very useful for your battles and it is also a great card for investment as I believe that in the future it will increase a lot in value since it is a very useful and strong card.

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As you can see in the monthly sales chart of Uriel the Purifier that peakmonster provides for us to analyze, it is a card that does not have very strong fluctuations in value and always tries to remain as stable as possible and this is a very good thing because we can see that it is a card that catches the attention of players and investors alike, so I see it as an excellent card to have in your collection because in addition to using it a lot in your battles, I believe that its potential in terms of values is very high and in the chart you you can also see that it has recently had a small drop but is already recovering to the value it was 1 month ago, so I think it's a card worth keeping an eye on and even having in your collection.

These are my observations about this amazing card and I hope that in the future it will be used more and of course it will increase in value since it will be in my collection, now keep your story so you know more about Uriel the Purifier.

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  • LORE

Uriel was amongst the many Pelacor that fled Solaki and its military regime when he was young. He found himself in Khymeria, like so many of his brothers and sisters, but even though they practised with life magic it just didn’t feel quite pure enough for him and so he travelled to different Worlds, seeking somewhere he could find that elusive clarity of virtue.

On the bright World of Régalien he won his armour in brutal combat, gold and silver plates forged together with the strongest metals known and lacquered in the translucent blood of a diamond giant. An armour that could not only heal him, but would smite his foes should he ever fall in battle. Still, it was not enough.

Then on the fiery World of Temisrok he fought and slayed the terrible drake, Cizilth, winning favour with the bladesmiths who wrought his sword with fiery runes, instilling an everlasting flame into the weapon. And still, the clean virtue wasn’t sufficient, so the hunt continued.

But always he returned to Khymeria and the Splinterlands, searching for that ever-elusive purity that continued to remain just beyond his reach. Eventually this quest became such an obsession that it ultimately ruled his existence, a life’s purpose transformed into something that would forever remain unattainable. And some say that was his downfall.

The Khymerian leaders banished him from their land, believing that his over-zealous and fanatical behavior was becoming a danger to their people. This sent Uriel into a wild rage and he left them with a promise, that when he finally found what he sought, the magic of life would eventually know the true purity of what was missing from its white light, and when that day came they would also feel the sharp edge of his sword.
Uriel could still feel the rage eating at his insides, the pompous words of the Khymerian leaders playing over in his head, like a hideous echo of resentment prodding his mind to distraction. So much so, that he failed to notice the procession of temple priests coming towards him along the road.

“Ahh, a fellow traveller. So fortuitous for us to meet you, and on such a golden day where the sun blesses our journey,” the leading priest called.

Uriel glared at him and muttered something under his breath. The priest titled his head, trying to comprehend his reply but in actual fact it was nothing more than an irritated series of grunts.

“Maybe you would like to join us? It just so happens that it’s almost time to break our fast, and my brothers carry a fine selection of cold meats and fresh fruits,” the priest continued trying to coax a reply from him.

Uriel wasn’t ready for such conversation, not so soon after having been exiled. He’d rather the priests had charged at him, wielding their godly staves and rods so that he might strike them down and ease some of the fury that coalesced in his belly. In its place he settled for some words of warning instead.

“How about you move from the path and I’ll be on my way,” he proffered.

The priest looked to the side of the narrow track, his gaze hovering over the wet mud, a dark frown furrowing his brow. “Errr, the passage of truth never falters or leaves the path. If you’ll not join us, then you must step to the side and let our holy procession pass.”

He looked at the deep ruts of muck and filth, a smile touching his lips. “How about you step aside and let me pass, for I’m on a mission of the utmost importance and it cannot be delayed for you.”

The priest returned a benevolent smile and opened his arms in proclamation. “The light of the pure never waivers and follows its own way, you should move now my child and let the righteous continue on our journey.”

Uriel felt his nerve snap. The priest spoke of purity as though he knew what it truly was, but how could anyone know, nobody had studied it for as long as he had and it remained elusive even to him. The robed fool had no idea what he was talking about, and there was only one reply for the pretenders of the pure. He drew his sword and stepped forward, a flame erupting along the blade.

“I’ll bring you closer to the purity of truth than you’ve ever been.”

Access splinterlands through this link: Splinterlands


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it would be nice to use together with venari wavesmith


Venari Wavesmith is from the water deck, I think you mean Venari Crystalsmith from the life deck that has the ability Tank Heal and yes it is an excellent match for Uriel the Purifier.