A legendary chaos legion card that is worth up to 5x more than the others in the same edition, but why is that?

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Today I'm going to talk about the Queen Mycelia card that belongs to the earth deck and the chaos legion edition, but this is just the basic knowledge about a card, what really draws attention to it and also the reason I make a post about it is that it is a card that does not change its status in its levels and the only thing that changes is its abilities, but do these abilities make up for that? If you have this doubt then read this post until the end.

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As I said before it is a card from the earth deck of the chaos legion edition and it is a legendary card, besides that its attack type is magic and its stats are disappointing as you can see in the image above, but as the focus goes be on her skills so you can know if she's really a good choice to put in your battles so I'll talk about that right below.

Her first skill is Protect and this skill makes Queen Mycelia grant +2 shield to all allied cards and even being just the first of her skills already shows that she is a good choice because the Protect skill can make a big difference on the battlefield. If you don't know what the shield is for then know that it is useful to block melee and ranged attacks before they attack that card's life, so let's suppose a card has 3 melee or ranged attack and your card has 2 shield, when this card attacks your card it will deal damage to the shield and not to your life, in addition the damage will correspond to the amount of shield you have, so if you have 2 and it has 3 attack, the damage done will be only 2 and that also works if it was 1 shield. On the other hand if you have 2 shield and the card 1 attack then it will only take 1 shield off your card.

It is an amazing skill and very useful as you have melee and ranged cards in most battles so they will have one more obstacle to defeating your cards.

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Its second skill is Amplify and it makes all your allied cards that have some skill like Magic Reflect, Return Fire and Thorns have that skill amplified and do 1 more damage, so if we take the Thorns skill that does 2 damage for melee cards that attack this card, it would deal 3 damage instead of 2 and this applies to other abilities as well, always increasing damage by 1 according to its way of dealing damage.

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Her third skill is Triage and she makes Queen Mycelia heal the back row card that took the most damage, so basically it's a healing skill but instead of healing the first position monster like Tank Heal it heals the monsters from behind and the one that took the most damage, so it's a good skill since the back cards tend to be very important in battle and losing them would be very harmful.

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His fourth skill is Rust and it removes 2 shield from all enemy cards and this is also something amazing since you will remove the defense of enemy cards and make them more vulnerable, so if you combine this skill with Protect it becomes something amazing because you protect your cards and take the protection off enemy cards, a nice combination.

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When showing all this I consider Queen Mycelia a very useful card and another important thing to mention is that its mana cost is only 4 so it is the type of card that you can use in practically every type of battle since its cost it won't affect your other choices as much. So my answer is that it is indeed a card that is worth using even though it has very low status and since it belongs to the earth deck and in this deck there is the summoner Obsidian that grants +1 magic attack already makes Queen Mycelia more useful and if you complete it with the Reverse Speed rule where the cards with the lowest speeds attack first it becomes an excellent choice.

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Another important factor to mention is its costs. If you are the type of person who likes to have cards instead of renting them then the current price of Queen Mycelia is $24.50 and I consider it a bit high value considering the current scenario and comparing with other legendary cards of the same edition since I consider that there are also other very useful cards like it but for lower prices, but if you consider it as a long-term investment then I believe it is a good value since the tendency is for it to rise in value in the future .

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But if you prefer to rent it then the minimum value (Queen Mycelia at level 1) is around 4~6 dec most of the time and it at level 4 (max level) is around 130~150 dec. I consider it very useful and its value at level 1 is fair but I think it's an exaggeration at level 4, but I look at it as a good investment to buy it and rent it when I don't use it, which already yields an interesting amount daily.

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These are my opinions about Queen Mycelia and yes I consider her to be quite useful and a good choice but in terms of money to play with her you have to be a little cautious and think of a good strategy to offset these costs.

And my last question is. Do you know her story? if the answer to that is no then I will leave it below so that you know this letter in full, and knowing its story will not take you long so it would be interesting to read.

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A dark and dank estate was overseen by a fearsome noble woman. She craved ever more and more, and had her slaves dig deep into the mountains that bordered her home. Seeking riches within the depths. But when no riches emerged, she became fierce and violent. Demanding harder and harder work. And the slaves dug more. And within the depths of the mountains, they unearthed a horror beyond their comprehension.

The first happening was the growth turning on the manor. Food became poisoned. Vines blocked doors and obscured windows. And spores sprouted everywhere.

Then the slaves became corrupted. Their bodies turned into hosts for parasitic fungus. Long after they died, their bodies shambled around the grounds. It was a menace that could not be controlled.

As the woman's estate fell into chaos, she couldn't bear the shame of seeking help from outsiders. Instead, she went into the mountains herself to uncover the source of this horror that had ruined her.

And there she came across her. At that time, Queen Mycelia was more a collection of fungus in a loose physical form. But when she consumed the noble woman, she altered her own appearance to look like a fearsome female in a gown.

She continued to spread her corruption across the estate. She'd never experienced such growth and such control before. Realizing she could now extend her powers even further and turn more creatures into her slaves, she traveled.

She corrupted each land she crossed, claiming the plants, claiming the people, and leaving behind a trail of fungal rot. She walked both above the earth and below, a female figure in the fog. But any that got too close realized terrors beyond their comprehension.

And finally, her journeys brought Queen Mycelia to the Realm of Silence under Praetoria. Praetoria's trees and roots stretched far down here, she could call out to so many servants. The whole continent could be hers. But why stop there? The Chaos Legion had means to reach even further. One day, the entire Splinterlands would be under her control.
“She is the roots and the trees,
The matriarch of reeds.
The decaying marsh,
With a stinging bite oh so harsh.
She is the eyes of the wood,
And all understood.
Those who walk in her domain, take their last breath.
And all will worship the Queen of Fungus and Death.”

-- Poem of the Sovereign of Silence


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At first sight this card doesn't look that impressive but when you upgrade the card there are actually a lot of team abilities that are pretty powerful. All the abilities give a boost to the whole lineup. If you combine this card with Mylor Crowling, the thorn defense is that much more powerful. Let's say you put Lord Arianthus as tank, then your tank is about double as good thanks to this card.

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