An extremely powerful card that your opponents will hate and that also has great potential for future value.


Today I will present to you an amazing card from the fire deck that I don't understand why it is not used so much in splinterlands these days since its utility on the battlefield is very high and it is an extremely powerful card. The card I'm going to talk about is Grum Flameblade and if you're curious to understand more about him then follow me in this post.

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If you still don't know this card then know that it is a legendary card from the fire deck and belongs to the chaos legion edition, being more exact it is one of the airdrop cards of this edition but that's not what makes it special. The only thing I can start saying is that it is an incredible card that you will certainly want in your battles and even in your collection because it is a card that does not have an extremely high value so it is a good option for you to buy.

Let's start by talking about the card and its usefulness in battles.

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In the image above you can already see how the card is and it must have caught your attention because it looks extremely strong and you are not wrong, but let's talk about it so that you understand it better.

The Grum Flameblade is a melee card that has a very high attack (and don't be impressed yet because it will get even better), its speed is extremely low so it doesn't draw attention but if you put it in a battle with the Reverse Speed rule then it will show its true potential, its health is quite high which is very good since it is a card that you will put it in the first position and it also has a good amount of shield which makes it an even better defensive card, and finally its mana cost is quite high and you must be wondering if it will be a good choice for battles since in battles where there is not much mana it will consume almost all of it, but I left it to have this doubt at the end of the post because now I'm going to talk about your abilities.

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Bloodlust is the most outstanding ability on this card and also what makes it unique because only Grum Flameblade has this ability that was previously exclusive to gladius cards, and this ability is amazing because every time it defeats an enemy card it increases its stats at +1 and that means +1 attack, +1 speed, +1 health and +1 shield and I emphasize the shield because when it completely loses the shield it gains +1 again after defeating an enemy card and this is incredibly powerful because this shield will block one of the melee, ranged and even magic attacks and yes you didn't read it wrong because its next ability is going to be extremely useful against spell cards, so it's an amazing ability that makes it even more powerful.

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It also has the Void Armor ability that makes magic attacks go through the shield first and this is very useful as cards with magic attacks usually attack the card's health directly and having a shield to hinder the movement of these cards is very important in a battle.

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Another of his abilities is Void and it makes him have the damage received from magic attacks reduced by half, which is also amazing since in addition to making it difficult for these cards to attack with his shield, it will also reduce their damage done. on it by half which makes it an excellent card against magic attacks and also against all types of attacks since it has a lot of health and shield, but this ability reduces the damage received by half but if the attack is 3 for example then the damage would be 1.5 but this value is rounded up and becomes 2, but if the attack is 4 the damage taken will be 2 and it works that way, I think you got the point.

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Its last ability is Giant Killer and it makes it do double damage on cards that have 10 or more mana cost so it's a great ability against those cards and on the other hand Grum Flameblade is also vulnerable against this ability since its mana cost is 11.

With that you should already have some idea of how the card works in battles and you should also think that it is an incredible card and I agree with that, but now let's talk about values because it is a card with incredible financial potential for the future.

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Its current price is $10.58 and I don't consider this a high value because I believe that in the future this value will be much higher since it is an incredibly strong card and very useful on the battlefield so the Grum Flameblade is that type of card that pleases practically every type of player and I particularly see this as a great opportunity to play with him and still have a good investment in my hands.

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You can see in Grum Flameblade's weekly sales chart that its price always tries to stay as stable as possible and that means investors don't want its value to go down so it already shows that its utility in battle is quite high and that it is a letter with great financial potential for the future, can you imagine this value after the chaos legion packs are completely sold? I don't know about you but Grum Flameblade is on my list of cards to buy and hold and it's an amazing card for me to play in my battles.

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Learn more about the Grum Flameblade:

Grum is known throughout his tribe as the strongest warrior. Born in the Sands of Draykh-Nahka, his hard upbringing made him a survivor. There was no weather too extreme, no drought too long, and no enemy too cunning for Grum. He became well-respected within the region for his battle prowess and defended his tribe countless times against the creatures of the wastes. Tales were sung around the fires of Grum's battle with the Great Wyrm of the Sands, the Earth-Shaking Titan, and Velissa the Sorceress. Grum's tribe, known as the Desert Blood, honored tradition, strength, and courage. He grew to become a legend amongst his people.

One day, he felt the spirits of his ancestors calling to him. Going on a solitary journey into the wasteland, he connected with an ancient past. A ruin lay deep underneath the desert that housed powerful mana. That connection imbued him with magic, and he became able to summon fire on his great sword, making him more formidable than ever before.

Grum could have taken this gift and used it to defend his tribe, but instead, he became arrogant. Who could defeat a warrior with a blade of fire? He began traveling, seeking out any foe that pleased him and doing as he chose. Even in the often dangerous draconic lands of Draykh-Nahka, there were few who would cross Grum.

His path took him across the Chaos Legion. Grum battled their warriors, but found he could not overcome their collective might. Their magic, their tactics, and their motivations were strange to Grum. It was something he'd never come across before. Rather than surrender, Grum was impressed. He chose to join the Chaos Legion and use their might to find new foes to face.

Grum now serves in the front lines of battle for the Chaos Legion. While he is a leader of the fiercest warriors, Grum fights right alongside even the newest soldier. He prefers to be the first to break the lines of the enemy and bring their heads back as his trophies. His ferocity and burning blade earned him the name Grum Flameblade across the land.
The Battle Mage arena had never seen this much bloodshed and death. Typically, fights were only between illusions, and no one was in any danger of being harmed. Things had changed when the Chaos Legion arrived. Grum saw to that. The Flameblade from Draykh-Nahka saw the arena as competition for new potential recruits, only now there would be no illusory magic as a defense. Blood stained the ground crimson and headless bodies lay stacked in piles, waiting to be burned.

Grum's deep gravelly voice bellowed throughout the packed stadium. People of all walks of life filled the seats, and not one cheered or clapped. “Do you not see how you failed to protect your land? Warriors are molded on the battlefield. Hardened by the steel they carry. They are not false magicians who fight for your entertainment. Battles are won by soldiers. Victory is earned through pain and sacrifice.”

A body lay at his feet. Its head rolled to a stop inches from where it was severed from the neck. Blood dripped from a massive greatsword held in Grum's left hand. As he stood over the body, in the center of the arena grounds, the sound of metal grinding on metal echoed throughout the stands. Grum glanced behind him to see two robed Chaos Legion members dragging the figure of a person towards him. He grinned a toothy smile and gripped his sword tighter.

“I stand before you a teacher of the arts. A master swordsmith and creator of war. If it is entertainment you want, I will happily oblige.”

The body of a man was brought before Grum and set before him. Grum reached down with his free hand and grabbed the man by his mane of sweaty, white hair. It stuck to the man's face as Grum lifted him off of the ground, dirt falling from the man's ragged clothes. He let out a stifled moan and gasp as he locked his green eyes with the towering orc that was Grum. Grum's smile twisted, and he let out a short laugh.

Grum's deep voice echoed throughout the arena again. “This man claims to be a warrior. He says he is practiced with blade and shield. Another disappointment I'm sure, but let's see if he has what it takes.”

Grum tossed the man a few feet in front of him, and he landed with a thud. Dust billowed around him as he scrambled to his feet. A blunt sword and shield were tossed at his feet, and he plucked them from the ground quickly. He struggled to buckle the shield on his arm as Grum spoke again.

“I give him the same chance I gave everyone else you see piled around this arena. If he so much as scratches me with his blade, I will concede. Begin!”

Powered by fear, the man rushed the orc and brought his sword low, aiming for Grum's thigh. Grum parried the blade with his sword and stood firm. The man tried for an overhead swing and connected with Grum's shoulder. The blade struck clean but did not cut through the sturdy flesh. A wry smile flashed across Grum's face.

Grum raised his greatsword above his head and shouted. “Draykh un Fliera!”

In an instant, a rush of flames whirled around his sword. It reflected on the shield and in the green eyes of his opponent. Grum hit the man in the stomach with the hilt of his sword before he brought it around in a large sweeping arc over his head for a second attack. The last thing the man saw was a fiery greatsword being swung at his face.

A head with white sweaty hair hit the ground and rolled near Grum's foot. He placed his foot on top of it and bellowed out a war cry. It was yet another trophy to add to his collection.