Death Elemental, a little used card that can be your salvation in many battles.


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The card I chose for this week's challenge was Death Elemental, which is a rare card from the death deck that is rarely used but that I believe will be very useful in battles.

My intuition when making this post is to give her more visibility explaining her abilities and usefulness in battles because there are many cards in splinterlands that are amazing and are almost never used.

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As I mentioned before Death Elemental is a rare card from the death deck and its mana cost is only 3 which is already something very interesting because it's the kind of card you can put into battle without having to worry too much with the mana, in addition it is a card with magic attack and its strong point in the stats is its speed, its life is low and its attack is reasonable. Now I will comment on its abilities.

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The death elemental has 3 abilities and I'll start talking about Snipe which is an ability that makes it prioritize its attack on cards with magic and ranged attacks, and this is very useful in battle since this type of card is usually the base of the team, so defeating them as soon as possible is a good move.

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At level 4 the death elemental gains the ability Silence which makes the cards with magic attacks of the enemy team have their attack reduced by 1 and this ability is useful to decrease the attack of these cards that are quite strong since magic attacks ignore the shield and directly attack life.

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At level 8 he gains the Weaken ability that causes enemy cards to have their health reduced by 1 and this is useful for enemy cards to become easier to defeat as they have less health and this gives a great advantage to the player.

Now that you know his stats and abilities then you might want to see him in battle to get to know him even better.

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Let's start with the choice of cards for the battle.

As a summoner we have Contessa L'ament which is a summoner that reduces the ranged attack of enemy cards by 1 and as these cards are usually frequent in battles so she will be very useful.

I chose Cursed Windeku for the first position because it is an excellent defensive card that has the Heal ability that is very useful in this position and the Thorns ability that deals damage when a melee card attacks it.

Spineback Wolf has the Reach ability that allows it to attack from second position and allows Thorns as well as Cursed Windeku, in addition it has a lot of speed and attack so it's a great card to use.

The Silent Sha-Vi is a melee card with the sneak ability that makes it attack the enemy card in the last position, in addition it has a lot of attack which makes it an important source of damage for the team and also the Cripple ability that makes the card loses 1 of its maximum life when attacked by it.

Venari Bonesmith is a card with magic attack that has the ability Poison that makes it have a chance to apply this effect and do more damage at the end of the round and also the ability Life Leech that makes it gain life when it attacks, so it's a card useful at a low mana cost.

The death elemental as I said before is quite useful and in this battle it will have a big participation because of its Silence ability since my opponent has a lot of magic cards.

Soul Strangler is a ranged card with a lot of attack so its function will be to deal damage in battle.

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As I mentioned before my opponent used a lot of cards with magic attack and the summoner Alric Stormbringer so the Death elemental will be very useful to decrease the attack of these cards and make the battle easier.

In this round my opponent didn't defeat any of my cards and I defeated 2 of their cards, besides that his attack is very weakened and I have a lot of attack on my cards which gives me the advantage but it's still too early to say I'm going to win.

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In the second round I managed to defeat his Djinn Oshannus which was the biggest defense he had so the battle became easier and the remaining cards have little life.

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In the third round I defeated his last card on the field and had only one of my cards defeated during the entire battle which was Soul Strangler and he was only defeated because he had low health, but the Death Elemental's usefulness in this battle was very useful reducing the enemy attack and dealing damage and all that spending only 3 mana so it's a very useful card in battles and worth having in your collection.


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