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If you play splinterlands then you should already find in your battles a creature that dwells in the depths of the water deck and that creature is the Deeplurker, but is it that amazing to be used so often in battles? That's what I'm going to talk about in this post are you ready?.

The first thing you need to know about this card is that it has recently arrived along with chaos legion and it is a common card from this edition, but that doesn't answer the question of why it is so used in matches nowadays, so I'll talk about it her and shows her in a battle.

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If you are a beginner in splinterlands you may not know that the cards have levels and as you can see in the image above the Deeplurker goes up to level 10 as it is a common card and its stats vary from 3 attack, 2 speed and 6 health at level 1 to 5 attack, 4 speed 7 health, in addition there are cards that gain abilities from certain levels and the Deeplurker is no exception, so let's talk a little about his abilities since you know his stats .

The first skill to comment is Opportunity and cards with this skill attack the enemy card with the lowest health which is very useful since the Deeplurker's focus will be to defeat the card with its attack, in addition to cards with melee attack only can attack in first position, having the opportunity ability makes them an exception as they can attack from any position.

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His second skill that is acquired at level 6 is Poison and with this skill the Deeplurker has 50% to apply it to the enemy card he attacks and does 2 damage at the end of the turn and I consider it a very useful skill especially with the skill Opportunity because it greatly increases the chances of the card being defeated.

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And finally we have the Demoralize skill that is acquired at level 10, that is, at the maximum level Deeplurker and this skill causes enemy cards with melee attack to have their attacks reduced by 1.

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I consider the Deeplurker a card with many uses in battle and it also has very good abilities that help your team to take less damage and it also has a very high amount of attack for a card with 6 mana cost that is a very good point. positive since attack is often the main attribute of the battle.

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Now we will talk about the battle and my composition for it.

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The first card to talk about is Alric Stormbringer who was the summoner I chose and I consider a very good summoner since magic attacks most of the time is the best option in a battle.

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To occupy the front line I chose the Sea Monster and despite not being used much since chaos legion arrived in splinterlands it still remains a great choice as it has a good amount of health and the heal ability to heal your health and beyond It also has an overwhelming amount of attack.

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In the second position we have the Flying Squid which has a good amount of health which means that if the Sea Monster is defeated then it can hold enemy attacks for a while and it also has a reasonable amount of attack.

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For the third position we have our beloved Deeplurker that will be one of the main cards as it has 4 attack and will attack the enemy card with less health so will it survive your attacks? also he has 7 health so he won't be defeated so easily.

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In fourth position we have Medusa and also the first magic card put on the field but its main function will be to stun enemy cards and if it stuns the right card even a battle that seemed lost can be won.

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In the fifth position we have a card that is the key to victory in many battles in the water deck, it is Venari Wavesmith and its Protect ability that grants +2 shield to all allied cards is extremely important in battles as it will make it very difficult the attack of melee cards and enemy rangeds and this can save your card from being defeated early on.

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And in the sixth position we have the Crustacean King and he is also a key card in this battle because he has the Tank Heal skill so he will heal the first position card that would be the Sea Monster that has the Heal skill so he will heal himself 2x per turn, since the Sea Monster has 9 health so he will heal by 3 per turn and the Crustacean King will heal 3 more which gives 6 in total and this will make it very difficult for the Sea Monster to be defeated and he will still have the shield of Venari Wavesmith so the first position is very well protected.

Now I will show the battle.


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As you can see this battle has the Noxious Fumes rule and in this rule all cards suffer 2 damage at the end of the turn so having healing cards like Sea Monster and Crustacean King is essential for victory, in addition to all enemy cards It's a melee type so Venari Wavesmith's shield will be very useful.

Noxious Fumes - All monsters start the game poisoned and will take 2 damage each turn unless cleansed. Big HP and cleanse are going to be your best bet here. However there may be some cases where you ignore and go for a big offensive attack and wipe out your opponent before the poison becomes a factor.

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In the first round Cursed Windeku was defeated and he was a problem card as he had the Thorns ability that makes melee cards take 2 damage when they attack him and Cursed Slimeball was also defeated but he was no threat, and from my side no cards were defeated in that round.

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In the second round, almost all his cards were defeated, only the Disintegrator that is almost defeated and the Riftwing that has the Scavenger ability and is a very problematic ability in this battle rule since he gains 1 life for each card defeated on the field. and he also has the ability Fly which makes it difficult for melee and ranged attacks to hit him.

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In the third round only Riftwing was left as an enemy card but he accumulated a lot of life because of the Scavenger skill so he still resisted for a long time and many of my cards were defeated because of the poison of the Noxious Fumes rule, but in the fourth round the battle was decide and get the victory with 2 cards left and even then the Sea Monster would still guarantee the victory if there was another round since he would heal and the Riftwing has no attack.

And that was my battle of the week, how about we end with the story of Deeplurker since he is the star card of the time?

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Terrifying to behold, Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak. However, they are known to travel to the surface in times of dire need. Many believe that they are sensitive to the balance of elemental water magic and, when that balance is in danger, the Deeplurkers rise to attack or defend it.
The Kulu Swimhunters swam just below the surface of the water, following the Praetorian fishing vessel. When it lowered its sails and came to a halt, they would strike.

Movement from the depths below caught the eye of one Swimhunter. He turned his tentacled head to peer down. Something large rose toward them. Before he could call out a warning, a massive Deeplurker swam into their midst in a churn of frothing water.

Its grotesque tongue lolled as the enormous fish seized the smallest Swimhunter by the waist, teeth tearing into rubbery flesh. Another churn of water, and the Deeplurker descended into darkness with its prey.

The remaining Kulu Swimhunters scattered, fleeing in all directions, and the Praetorian fishing vessel sailed on, blissfully unaware of how close its crew had come to their demise.

And that's your story, until next time.


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