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Today I will talk about a card from the earth deck that is great for dealing damage and is also an incredible support, I think many of you have already played with it because since the arrival of chaos legion in splinterlands it has become very popular in battles. His name is Goblin Psychic and we will find out in this post why he is so used.

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As I mentioned chaos legion before, the Goblin Psychic belongs to this edition and he is a common card with the magic type attack. The most positive point he has is his abilities because as you can see in the image above his attack and his speed don't change even at higher levels, the only thing that changes is his life, so he will serve more as a support in the game, but if you use it with a summoner like Obsidian that gives +1 magic attack and in a battle with Reverse Speed rule then it will be a good card for attack and also as a support.

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Now let's go to your skills that will be the most important points of the card.

His first skill is Tank Heal and with this skill he heals the first position card for 1/3 of its maximum health, so if the monster has 9 health as an example it will heal 3 of its health, but this healing only happens on the Psychic Goblin's turn and as he has an extremely low speed then it will probably be one of the last cards to attack/heal and this is a negative point because the first position card will need to survive until then and it is also a negative point in the rule Reverse Speed because the Psychic Goblin will be one of the first cards to attack/heal so there won't be time for the card in the first position to take damage to be healed.

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Its second ability is Affliction and it causes when Goblin Psychic attacks a card it has a 50% chance to apply this effect and make that card unable to heal itself. It's a good skill if you take into account that the heal skill is quite strong in battles and even makes a battle to be won only with it if you consider a battle with the Noxiou Fumes rule for example and I think many of you already lost battles like this because the opponent had a card that healed.

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Its third skill is Silence and this skill makes the Psychic Goblin reduce the magic attack of enemy cards by 1. It is a very useful skill since it is very common to face magic cards and as cards like this they are quite offensive as they ignore the shield of the card and attack life directly so having an ability like Silence that reduces their attack is very important to stay on the battlefield longer and guarantee victory.

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His fourth and final skill is Dispel and this skill causes the Psychic Goblin to clear all positive stats from the enemy card he attacks. I consider it a useful skill since there are skills like Enrage that makes the card multiply stats by 1.5 when the card is attacked and cleaning this is very useful because cards like this usually have a very large offensive attack and also a lot of speed.

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Now that I've mentioned about the stats and abilities of the card so I'm going to show it in battle but first I want to show the cards I used with it to get a better result.

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As a summoner I chose the Wizard of Eastwood that takes 2 shield from enemy cards, generally using Obsidian is better with the Psychic Goblin since it will grant him +1 magic attack but as in this battle I used few magic cards and my opponent usually uses shield cards so I found it more interesting to use Wizard of Eastwood.

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In the first position I chose Mycelic Infantry because it has the Shield skill that reduces the damage received from melee and ranged attacks and as in this battle all enemy cards will be of this type so it will be of great use, in addition the battle has the rule Reverse Speed and as the Mycelic Infantry has 1 speed and a high attack it will be an excellent choice.

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In the second position I put the Stonesplitter Orc since he has the skill because he has a good defense and also the Retaliate skill that makes him have a 50% chance to retaliate when attacked and as he has a lot of attack so go be of great help if the Mycelic Infantry is defeated.

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In the third position I chose Mushroom Seer as I wasn't entirely sure if the opponent would use magic cards so it's always good to keep that in mind, but his Silence skill was of no use in this battle but as he is a magic card and attacks directly the enemy card's health so it will be very useful.

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In fourth position I chose Goblin Psychic and as there is the Reverse Speed rule then its low speed will be very useful and in addition its Tank Heal skill will help Mycelic Infantry to defend the first position longer, and its Affliction skill will be useless in this battle as none of the enemy cards heal.

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In the fifth position we have the Javelin Thrower that will be like a good source of damage and in addition it has the Piercing skill that makes the excess damage go through the shield and damage the enemy card's health so shields won't be a big problem for her.

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And in the last position we have the Earth Element that will have 2 functions in the game, the first will be to damage enemy cards and the second will be its Heal ability to heal from cards that attack the last position like cards that have the Sneak ability or also from cards that have the Snipe ability that prioritize attacking ranged and magic cards so it will protect this position well by healing itself after receiving damage from these cards.

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Since I showed the cards I used then it's time to show the battle.


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As I said before and as you can see all their cards have ranged or melee attacks so Mycelic Infantry will protect well because of the Shield skill, besides that it was also a good idea to use Summoner Wizard of Eastwood as it reduces the shield from enemy cards and makes it easier for them to be defeated.

The opponent also has a lot of offensive power thanks to the summoner General Sloan so it won't be such an easy battle, but there is a weakness in his team which is having a lot of range cards and all of them with low health so as soon as his front line is defeated everything will become easier and victory will be closer.

In this first round I couldn't do much because he had a good defense and all the attacks went to the Shieldbearer as he has the Taunt skill and I ended up losing the Mushroom Seer but the battle is not over yet.

imag 10.png

Even losing a card I still have a strong defense in the second round and his biggest defense which is the Shieldbearer is almost defeated so the battle will finally turn in my favor.

In the second round I ended up losing Mycelic Infantry because the enemy had a lot of attack so he couldn't resist them all but I managed to defeat all the main cards on his front line so only the ranged cards left and how they don't attack in the first position and have little life, it shouldn't take long for victory to be achieved.

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In the third round all that remained was to defeat his ranged cards so it wasn't much work and at the end of the victory was achieved.

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In this battle the Psychic Goblin was very useful because of its low speed and attack and also because of its healing but it was thanks to the teamwork of all the cards that got the victory.

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The Magi Tower is where Goblins go to learn how to use psychic abilities. It isn't just a gift Goblins can learn, but due to the proximity of Gobson, Goblins tend to show up more frequently. The Magi who calls the tower home, enjoys teaching the art of using one's mind to move objects and read thoughts. Goblin Psychics use their abilities to perform work in Gobson or become adventurers and practice to become a full fledged Summoner.
Shami concentrated his mind on moving the paintbrush. It sat on an easel in front of a large canvas, paints of various colors lay before it. The paintbrush sat still.

“You need to focus. Just breath. Relax. Picture the brush as if it were in your hand. Then imagine yourself painting the canvas.”

The Magi's voice flooded Shami's mind, though he was used to the noise. Growing up in Gobson, the noise of cogs and gears was constant in the laboratories and buildings within the city. He imagined himself lifting the brush with his left hand, raising it to the canvas, and painting the picture he had studied for hours. The Magi's Forest.

He thought of a great forest of vivid greens and plants. Deer and rabbits running throughout the bushes. A massive stone tower rising into the clouds. He saw it clearly in his mind's eye and he drew it.

The brush lifted as if held by a master artist and danced across the canvas.

“Open your eyes.” The voice of the Magi came again.

Shami blinked his eyes open and after the blur faded, he stared at his creation. On the canvas was a stone tower rising for miles out of a great green ocean of trees. The Magi revealed a similar canvas and held them together. A plaque beneath the painting read, The Magi's Forest. Both were nearly identical.


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