The story of a powerful vampire in Splinterlands and how she will be useful in your battles.


Today we're going to talk about a new vampire in splinterlands and try to guess which deck she went to? if her answer was the death deck then that's right but i think this was easy to answer as it matches so much, her name is Lira the Dark and we'll see if she's worthy of being on the battlegrounds of Splinterlands.

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The first thing I can say is that it's a legendary card from the chaos legion edition and it's also an airdrop card from that edition, to be more exact it's the fourth airdrop, but that's not what I'm going to talk about today and yes about its usefulness in battles, we will see how strong its skills and stats are.

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It is a card that has 7 mana cost and I consider that a high cost so to compensate for this it has to be a very useful card for battles since in most cases battles have a low mana cost.

At level 1 she has 2 ranged attack, 6 speed and 6 health, in my point of view at this level the only thing that makes up for it is her speed which is extremely high, attack and health are not low but as it is a card with a cost of 7 mana so I can't say that they are high, in addition it has the Opportunity ability that makes it attack the card with the lowest health and this is a very positive point because it will always prioritize ending up with a card and one less enemy card on the battlefield is something very important. She also has the Snare ability that allows her to take the fly ability from the card she attacks (if the card has the fly ability), I don't consider it a very useful ability but in battles with the Earthquake rule it can become something very useful and increase the chances of victory.

At level 2 she has the same skills and the only difference is that instead of 2 attack she now has 3 and that makes her stronger, especially in the silver league and along with the Opportunity skill it increases her chances of eliminating a card and increasing the chances of victory so having more attack is always good.

At level 3 her stats remain the same but she gains the Swiftness skill that increases the speed of all allied cards by +1 and we all know that speed is extremely important in battle because it's not enough to just have a good attack if your card is defeated before having a chance to attack so this is another very important point in this card that makes it more useful than just attacking.

And at level 4 she has the same skills and the only difference is the attack that was 3 and now it's 4 and as I said before the more attack the better.

As you can see, it is a card that has a "high" cost, but it has many advantages, the main one being its speed, as it remains the same at all levels and means that it is already a strong card even at level 1 where you would play in Bronze for example and even if her attack is not high at that level it is still not low if you consider the league you play and when her level increases her attack increases and she also gains an incredible ability to increase her speed of all allied cards which is something very important. So I think it's a good option to have on the battlefield and if you use it wisely it will give you a lot of victories.

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Another thing I wanted to talk about is its market value, since I consider it very useful, I think its current value does not match how much it is worth, so it may be a good option to buy it not only to have it in the field of battles but also as a form of investment as it has a good chance of increasing in value over time.

Since its value is at $6.21 as I write this post so we'll see how much it can reach (but that will probably only happen when the chaos legion sale ends).

Now for those who are vampire fans and want to know about her story I'll leave it below, hope you like it.

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Lira was turned into a vampire as a young woman when she attended a party of the rich and powerful, only to later realize that the majority of the guests were vampires. However, Lira did not see her new self as a monster. Rather, she saw her vampirism as an opportunity. Lira was born into a high-standing family that struggled with maintaining their wealth, so she embraced the transformation and set to work building her power and influence.

After her parents passed away, Lira took over their ancient manor nestled deep within the mountains. It is a manor always wreathed in shadow, and it is there that Lira conducts her rituals. A pact with shadow itself gave Lira immense spellcasting prowess. It enabled her to traverse the Splinterlands by moving from shadow to shadow. It also enabled her to use shadows as weapons against her enemies, allowing her to attack from afar.

Over the years Lira has led a cult of vampires. With her guidance, they have infiltrated the sects of the rich and powerful. Lira can make anyone do as she wishes through exploitation and threats, but if those don't work, she is more than happy to feast on her prey.

Across the Splinterlands, the name Lira the Dark is said with fear and awe. Other vampires envy the power she has achieved. She has had to defend her manor many times against those seeking to unseat her. The corpses of those who have tried now hang from her walls as a warning to others.
Lira strode atop the high stone walls of her manor; the surrounding mountains formed a jagged line against the stormy sky. A wild wind rippled her black gown and even blacker hair, a stark contrast to her pale skin. The wind carried the scent of pine from the trees, mixed with the scent of death from the corpses that hung from the manor's towers.

She stared down at a lone figure on the bridge over her moat. Even in the darkness of the night his golden armor gleamed. He stared up with a look of righteous determination. She smirked down, one hand on her hip.

“Lira the Dark!” he shouted, sword held aloft. “You have been found guilty of vampirism, torture, murder, extortion, and a long list of other heinous crimes. I have come to bring you to justice.”

“Oh?” she crooned, leaning forward and cocking an eyebrow. “Just you, little boy? The people send one lowly soldier to battle me?”

“I am of the order of the Paladins of the Sun! All manner of undead and monsters have fallen to my blade. As will you.”

Lira rolled her dark eyes. This man had a great deal of bravado, as did every self-righteous holier-than-thou champion that came to her gates. She spread her arms wide and said, “Then come face me, Paladin! Let's see how strong you really are.”

The man rushed for the doors to her manor, but she saved him the trip. Lira twisted in the shadows and vanished entirely. She reappeared within the shadows of the great arched entry to her home. The Paladin pulled back in shock.

“Demoness!” he spat.

Lira chuckled. “You know nothing of the darkness yet, boy. This will be a very long night for you.”

He shot forward, sword arcing high. The blade glowed, but not enough to pierce the eldritch darkness that surrounded her manor. She flicked her hand, and the shadows materialized around her, forming into daggers of darkness. They shot forward and slammed into the Paladin. His sword was ripped from his hands and fell into the moat below. Cracks spiderwebbed across his armor where the daggers had pierced, and a line of blood trickled down his cheek where one of the dark spikes had sliced across his cheekbone.

Lira darted forward in a burst of inhuman speed and ferocity. Her hand snapped out and grasped the front of his breastplate. With a laugh she yanked it off him, snapping the various clasps and buckles that had held it in place.

The Paladin stumbled backward, thrown off balance. He twisted his stance to regain his footing, then came in for a punch.

Lira side-stepped, one hand grasping his wrist while the other grabbed his throat. She squeezed hard enough to leave him gasping as she pulled him effortlessly to within mere inches from her face. She could see the fear in his blue eyes and the realization that he had underestimated his foe.

“I… will not… become a vampire,” he choked out.

She laughed, and her lips stretched wide into a sharp smile. “Oh no, dear… you will not. You will be tonight's entertainment.”


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