An incredible combination of cards to buy and play in the gold league without spending a lot and also a great investment.


In this post I will talk about a great combination of cards for you to use in the gold league and its price is not so high so it is a great value for money. All the cards are from the fire deck and the chaos legion edition and as I believe the value of the cards in this edition will go up in the future so it can also be a great opportunity to profit.

First let's start with the summoner that in this combination will be Tarsa and she will be the most expensive card in this post because summoners usually cost more.

As we are talking about the gold league so rare cards are allowed up to level 6 and as my intention is to maximize the gains in this league so having cards at the maximum level will be very useful and will give you much more wins and this is for all cards in these posts.

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Tarsa's current value per BCX in the last 30 days is around $2.64 and to have her at level 6 you need 60 BCXS so her value is $158.4. Tarsa is an excellent summoner choice for this deck because there are excellent melee cards in it for her to increase their attack and she will also grant +1 health to all allied cards.

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The second card is Antoid Platoon which is an excellent card for the first position as it has quite useful abilities for it and has 4 mana cost which makes it even more useful as it won't consume a lot of mana from your battle.

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Its average cost per BCX in the last 30 days was $0.064 and in the gold league it goes up to level 8 so it takes 220 BCX for that level and its total cost is $14.08 which is pretty low in my opinion to perform well in the gold league.

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For the second position there is Radiated Brute which is a melee card with reach abiity so it attacks in that position and the ability enrage which increases its attack and speed by 1.5x when attacked so it is a very useful card.

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The average value of your BCX in the last 30 days was $0.059 and at level 8 you need 220 cards and the total value is $12.98 so it's a great card for a very low price.

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In third position is Tenyii Striker and this card must already be quite famous since it is extremely powerful, it has the ability sneak that makes it attack the enemy card in the last position and also the ability Dodge that makes it have +25% chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks, so you already know it's an amazing card to have in battles.

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His average value per BCX in the last 30 days was $0.464 and for level 6 you need 60 BCXS so the total value is $27.84 which I don't think much since he's going to be amazing in battles.

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In fourth position there is Molten Ash Golem which is a ranged card that has the ability Close Range that allows you to attack in the first position and it has a lot of health so it will be very useful to defend if it reaches that position and also the ability Weaken that makes it reduce the health of enemy cards by 1 while on the field, so it's a very useful card and a good choice for battles.

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His average price per BCX over the last 30 days was $0.12 and it takes 60 BCXs for level 6 so the total value is $7.2 and that's pretty cheap for a useful card like him.

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In fifth position is Djinn Apprentice, which is a card with a high magic attack and has the ability Deathblow that makes it do double damage when it has only one enemy card on the field.

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His average value per BCX in the last 30 days was $0.114 and it takes 60 BCXs for level 6 so the total value is $6.84 and needless to say this is very low for a max level card in the gold league.

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In the last position is Lava Spider which is a ranged card that has the Snipe ability which makes it attack magic and ranged cards first so it is very useful against those cards and it also has the Snare ability which makes it take away the Flying ability from card it attacks if this card has that ability then it is very useful to decrease the chances of these cards dodging attacks and also to make them take damage in the Earthquake rule.

imag 9.png

His average price per BCX over the last 30 days was $0.053 and it takes 220 BCXs for level 8 so the total value is $11.66.

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As you can see they are all very useful cards and I can assure you that you will win many battles in the gold league with these cards and their total cost is $238.39. But this is just an average value, depending on your buying strategy you can pay more or even less and I consider a value that is not too high since the gold alloy gives you a lot of gains, and I know you must be asking that the cards are a good choice for battles but the amount of power needed to play in this league is not enough and you are right because the total power of these cards is 8100 and to play in gold league 3 that would be the minimum is 100000 power is needed, but this post was made to show you useful and cheap cards that will give you many victories, the question of power is already something additional that if I put it here the value would be much higher, but you can rent that amount of power for a very low price looking at peakmonster as shown in the image below.

imag 10.png

I consider it a great combination of cards for battles in the gold league and also a possible investment opportunity as I mentioned at the beginning of the post as they are very useful and strong cards that I believe will go up a lot in price in the future when the chaos legion sale end, but this is not an investment tip just a point of view of a possible opportunity to profit from a long term investment that will also earn you profits through Splinterlands battles.

That was my card tip for this post and if you have any card suggestions to replace this combination then leave it in the comments, but I looked for cards with a good cost benefit, so I keep in mind that there are better cards but they are very more expensive so I chose those that are cheap and useful so if you have any suggestions also keep that in mind when you leave them in the comments.

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