An incredible defense unknown in the water deck, see him in battle.


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In this post I will talk about an amazing defensive water deck card and show it in battle, its name is Frozen Soldier and if you still don't know it then follow me in this post so you know this amazing card.

The Frozen Soldier is not a very common card to be used in battles in splinterlands but have no doubt that its usefulness in battle will impress you a lot, and because it is a little used card its cost to rent is not that high so that makes it still honey.

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Let's start by getting to know the card. As you can see it is a rare card from the water deck and belongs to the alpha/beta edition and its mana cost is not that high and its stats are very good as you can see, so even if it is a defensive card it will also deal a lot of damage in battle. Now let's talk about its abilities that make it even better.

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It only has 2 abilities but they are amazing for defense and I'll start by talking about Shield which is an ability that reduces the damage done by melee and ranged cards by half, so these cards will only deal half the damage they normally would and that does making it an incredible defense as these cards are often used.

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And its other ability is Magic Reflect which makes it reflect part of the magic damage dealt to it, so it may not seem like a defensive ability but it will do a lot of damage to the enemy's magic cards and also make them wonder if they should really use them on this one. battle.

These are your 2 abilities and I consider them very useful in battles and you should also know that since they are used a lot, besides I left a better description about them in the images so you don't have any doubts.

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As a summoner I chose Alric Stormbringer which is a great choice if you have magic attack cards on the field.

In the first position I chose the Frozen Soldier which as I mentioned before is an excellent defense for all types of cards.

In the second position I chose the Flying Squid which is a card that attacks in this position and has a good attack and a lot of life so it will be very useful.

In the third position I chose Nerissa Tridawn which is a card with a magic attack that will do a lot of damage and also has a lot of health which is excellent for defending.

In fourth position I chose Deeplurker which has the highest attack of my cards so its function will be to do as much damage as possible and it attacks the lowest health card as it has the ability Opportunity.

In fifth position I chose Venari Wavesmith which is a card with magic attack and its main function will be to grant shield to allied cards with its ability Protect.

In the last position I chose Axemaster which is a ranged card that does a lot of damage in battle as it has a high attack and Double Strike ability that allows it to attack 2x in the turn.

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In this battle my opponent also chose a summoner that grants magic attack, but most of his cards are melee and ranged so Venari Wavesmith's shield will be of great help and the Frozen Soldier will defend a lot thanks to its abilities.

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At the end of the first turn the Frozen Soldier ended up being defeated but this was expected because the enemy's magic cards had a lot of attack and the melee and ranged ones too, but it fulfilled its function and I managed to defeat 2 enemy cards in this turn.

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At the end of the second turn most of the enemy cards have been defeated and there is only 1 ranged card left and it cannot attack in the first position so the battle is already decided.

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At the end of the third turn the battle was decided and I still had many cards on the field and the only loss was the Frozen Soldier who fulfilled his mission well.


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That was my battle for this week, until next time.


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