Doctor Blight, an excellent card to use in your battles and also a great investment.


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Let's get to know the Doctor Blight card today and see if it is a useful card for battles or just a card to keep in the collection and hope to value.

If you started in splinterlands recently then maybe you don't know why Doctor Blight has a much higher value compared to other legion chaos cards and the reason for this is quite simple, it is an airdrop card that was only possible to acquire who bought the packs of chaos legion during the pre-sale so it is a limited card and it is only possible to purchase today through the game market. But the intuition of this post is not to talk about its value but about its usefulness and to try to understand if it is really worth all this because it is a special and useful card or just because it is special.

Let's start by talking about its usefulness through its stats and abilities.

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Doctor Blight is a legendary card from the neutral deck that belongs to the chaos legion edition and its attack type is magic and its stats remain unchanged at all levels so my attack is 2, speed 1 and health 4 which makes it a card unattractive as it looks fragile and slow, but depending on the battle rule this can be an advantage for him and his mana cost is 4 which is relatively low and makes him accessible for almost all battles. But what really catches the eye are its abilities which in total are 5 and that's quite a lot for a card with 4 mana cost so let's talk about them.

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The first ability to mention is Affliction which makes it have a 50% chance to take any healing the card it attacked receives for 1 round, so it's a useful ability against cards that heal a lot and they're usually a problem so cutting their healing is very useful to defeat them.

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The second ability is Camouflage which makes him not be targeted by any enemy cards unless he is in first position and this is a great ability for him as his health is low and he would be defeated easily if he was targeted, so he can put him fearlessly into battle that he will fulfill his role.

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The third ability is Poison and it makes him have 50% to apply this effect to the card he attacks and at the end of the round this card will take 2 damage from that ability, so that's the kind of ability that the Doctor will do Blight does more damage which is good as it makes him more useful in battles.

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The fourth ability is Scavenger and it makes Doctor Blight get +1 health for each card defeated in the battle whether it's an ally or enemy, this ability will be a lot if he gets in the first position because then he will be targeted but even there it will have gained a lot of life from this ability and will resist for much longer.

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Its last ability is Weaken and it causes it to reduce the health of enemy cards by 1 and this ability will be useful in making enemy cards more fragile and easier to defeat so it's a great ability to have.

As you can see Doctor Blight has several abilities that help him and also help his allied cards in battles so we can already understand that he is not the type of card to stay in your collection but to play in battles, and that's great since he is an excellent investment for being a limited card and also a great card to use and is there a better combination than having fun and still making money?

But now let's talk about values as we understand that she is an excellent card to have.

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In the image above you can follow the Doctor Blight price, quantity sold and volume chart and this information you can have through peakmonster which is an excellent place to analyze.

And as shown in the image, Doctor Blight always tries to remain stable at values close to $100, which is interesting since there is a great resistance close to that value and because it is a limited card, I believe it won't go below that anytime soon, but of course that anything can happen.

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The previous chart was the weekly one, now I will show the monthly one to have a broader view.

And as I said before, he always tries to stay close to the current value, but as you can see there are times when he drops a lot in price and then goes back to the previous price and that's why waiting for that moment is a great opportunity to buy because It is an excellent card and I believe that its trend will be up in the long term, especially when the sales of chaos legion packs are over.

I think you know Doctor Blight and how it works, as well as looking at its price charts, I think it's an excellent card to keep an eye on and wait for great shopping opportunities. I hope this post was helpful for you to understand more about this card and I'll see you in a next review.

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To say the faculty at Pelcroft were uncooperative when first presented with Alastair's “evidence” would be an understatement. Shunned for his obsession with obscure folklore and laughed at for his insistence on a forgotten “hidden” continent, staff and friends alike mumbled pejoratives just out of earshot suggesting an unbalanced mind, drawing comparisons to the infirmed at Silverwood Asylum.

But the Yerivin Manuscript could not be ignored. Though indecipherable, the illuminated volume hinted at lands and flora somehow lost, suggesting a rich landscape ever so near but inaccessible to the uninitiated. As his critics grew more vocal he grew ever more determined, reclusive and choleric, buying the artifacts he could and stealing what he could not to fuel his obsessive research; obscure tablets in jade, strange figures carved in hardwoods unknown, and fragments of rotting velum in writing nearly identical the Yerivin volume. But still they would not believe.

Everything changed when the first sightings were made. The seas themselves had suddenly shifted, alien currents with strange fish had interrupted trade routes and samples described in university articles gave at last incontrovertible evidence for Alastair's claims. Though gifted now with funding, celebrity and a clockwork steamer to make the voyage, his sleep became restless, haunted by whispers of fear and greed.

On the sea he grew thin, unable to eat, feeding instead on his growing delusions, disappearing from the shore camp on arrival, returning late that first night wild-eyed, raving of ruins in the jungle and of visions of a flaming caldera where all questions would be answered. The crew muttered. The ship's captain hid the guns and rum.

The next morning he was gone. It was a fortnight before reports reached the shore of great swaths of jungle blackened and dead with tales of a crow beaked shadow bringing death in its wake.
“From the starless void beneath and from before creation lives the dweller in the void. By Silus' will was it given form and through the tearing of the veil were the hands of chaos laid upon the world. Though the Crypteia are the heralds of Chaos, only I am the right hand of doom. By the well of power am I given strength. Through me the shadow of the void is cast and by the will of Uul the word of Silus is given voice. Hear me and tremble. Approach and embrace oblivion.”

-- Doctor Blight, The Children of Doom


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