Mana cost can be your biggest enemy in battles but also your biggest ally and the Chaos Dragon is proof of that, See him in an exciting battle in the gold league.


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Today I will show you an amazing battle in the gold league with the Chaos Dragon card and I will also show you how this card can be amazing in your battles despite its high mana cost.

Maybe you don't know Chaos Dragon yet because it's an extremely rare card to see in battles, but that doesn't mean it's a bad card to use but because its mana cost is extremely high so it's unfeasible to use it. But in battles where the mana spend is high so it becomes an amazing card for you to choose and I will talk about it in this post in addition to showing an exciting battle at the end of it.

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Let's start by talking about the card and its status first.

Chaos Dragon is a legendary card from the dragon deck and belongs to the chaos legion edition, but I think the name itself says it because it has the chaos legion chaos and the dragon deck dragon ( Chaos Dragon ). It is a card with a magic attack that is relatively high, its speed is not great but not low and its health is high, in addition it also has a good amount of shield that will be very useful against melee and ranged cards. One thing that also catches my attention is that this card has practically the same status at all levels, only at level 4 does it have 4 magic attack instead of 3 and apart from that, everything else remains the same and the only one The thing that changes is the skills. But this can also be a positive point because he is already strong even at lower levels so you can use him at level 1 without fear, but he is better at higher levels because of his abilities and that's what I'm going to talk about now.

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His first skill and also that it makes sense for him to have since he's a dragon is Fly and this skill makes Chaos Dragon have a greater chance to dodge attacks from cards that don't have the Fly skill, so it's a great skill evasion for him and the less damage he takes the better it will be to increase the chances of you winning the battle.

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His second skill is Scattershot and this skill makes Chaos Dragon attack a random enemy card, it seems like a skill that will depend on your luck as it won't have a focus on a specific card, but your next skill will do with that it gains even greater utility and is a good skill since the Chaos Dragon can end up attacking a low health card and defeat it in that attack.

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Its third ability is Blast and it causes Chaos Dragon to deal additional damage to cards near the hit card. So let's assume that he attacks the card in the first position, the blast will cause him to deal damage to the closest card(s) that in this case would be the card in the second position and that damage would be half the damage done on the first card hit and always rounding up, so if it did 3 damage it would also inflict 2 damage on the second position card, but this ability together with Scattershot makes it even better because it can attack a card that is between 2 others and deal 3x damage, let's assume the battle has 6 cards and Chaos Dragon attacked the fourth position card so it will deal additional damage to the third position and fifth position card, so the combination of these skills is amazing and make them more useful, but it still depends on your luck because the target is random.

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His fourth skill is Blind and it makes Chaos Dragon a useful card for all other cards because this skill is applied to all enemy cards and they have a +15% chance to miss the attack when they attack, and like me I said before the more you miss the attacks the greater your advantage in battle and also the closer you are to victory, so it's an excellent skill and makes it essential in battle in addition to causing a lot of damage.

I think with this explanation you should already understand how Chaos Dragon works and also how it is useful in battles, besides I forgot to mention that its mana cost is 14 but you must have seen it already in the image and that's why it is rarely used . Now let's get to the battle part.

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As a summoner I chose Drake of Arnak which is a summoner that grants +1 shield to all allied cards on the field and this is very useful because it is an extra defense against melee and ranged cards, but in this battle it will not be useful because there is the Silenced Summoners rule.

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In the first position I chose Baakjira which is an excellent card for this position even though it has no attack, but its health is extremely high and in addition it has incredible abilities that will help a lot like Void that reduces incoming magic attack damage and this will be very useful in this battle, the Slow skill which reduces the speed of enemies by 1 and is also excellent for making your cards attack first, the Strengthen skill which increases the health of allied cards by +1 and the more health the cards have better and also the Heal skill that makes him heal based on his max health. So it's an amazing and extremely useful card that should be used whenever you can.

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In the second position we have the Chaos Dragon that is the star of the post and as I mentioned before in his explanation, he is an incredible card that will cause a lot of damage and also defend a lot.

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In the third position we have the Pelacor Bandit which is a card with the Sneak ability that makes him attack the enemy card in the last position so it is very useful, in addition it also has the Fly ability that helps him to dodge attacks and has a lot of speed and attack plus a low mana cost, so it's an excellent card.

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In fourth position we have the Phantom of the Abyss which is a card with an extremely powerful magic attack from the water deck and it has the Fly skill that I mentioned before, the Dodge skill that increases the chances of it dodging melee and ranged attacks by 25%. so this skill and Fly is a very powerful combination and also the skill Demoralize which reduces the melee attack of enemy cards by 1, so it's a great card to have in battles but unfortunately its mana cost is quite high.

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In fifth position we have the Venari Wavesmith which is also a card with magic attack but it has an important function which is its Protect ability that grants +2 shield to all allied cards and just like life is never too much, this applies to shield too.

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In sixth position we have the Royal Dragon Archer which is a very powerful ranged card that has the Fly ability, the Snipe ability that makes it attack magic and ranged cards first and also the Poison ability that makes it have a 50% chance to apply this effect on the card that attacks and do 2 additional damage at the end of the turn, so it is a card that does a lot of damage and also has a great speed that helps to dodge attacks along with the Fly ability.

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Now let's get into the battle so you can see how awesome Chaos Dragon is and these other cards too.


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As I mentioned before this battle has the Silenced Summoners rule that makes the summoners have no use, in addition it also has the Explosive Weaponry rule that gives the Blast ability to all cards, so cards like Chaos Dragon, Pelacor Bandit and Royal Dragon Archer will be very useful because they will attack the cards from behind and do more damage.

In this battle my opponent has a lot of magic cards but as his summoner that is Alric Stormbringer has no effect in this battle so they have much less attack and my Baakjira in the first position has the Void ability that reduces the damage of magic attacks so they won't be a big problem, besides he will heal a lot and the enemy card with the biggest attack is the Deeplurker which is a melee card but the Chaos Dragon's Blind ability will have a great importance in the battle to make him have a greater chance to miss the attacks and not deal damage, in addition there is also the Venari Wavesmith's shield that will be of great help and the Demoralize ability of the Phantom of the Abyss that will reduce his attack.

imag 12.png

The image above shows the beginning of the second round and also the damage done in the first round and as you can see none of the cards on either side were defeated but the damage I did was higher and some of his cards are low on lives so that's it matter of time to be defeated.

imag 13.png

The image above shows the beginning of the third round and also the damage caused in the second round and as you can see 2 enemy cards were defeated and it was Lord Arianthus who was one of his main defenses for the first position and Venari Wavesmith who was a shield granting card to their team so it was a big defensive loss for his side and i lost my Venari Wavesmith which makes my cards more vulnerable without his shield but i believe i still have the advantage in this battle.

imag 14.png

The image above shows the beginning of the fourth round and the damage done in the third round and as you can see he lost another card that was the Deeplurker which was his highest attack card so it was a great achievement since the remaining cards will cause damage only on Baakjira and he will receive reduced damage thanks to his Void ability, so my opponent's offensive power has decreased drastically and none of my cards have been defeated this round.

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The image above shows the end of the fourth round and also the end of the battle because all enemy cards were defeated in this round and I didn't have any more cards defeated either.


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On my side I had a great balance between attack and defense as you could see in this battle and the Chaos Dragon was of great help because he did a lot of damage thanks to the Blast skill he already had even without the Explosive Weaponry rule and the Scattershot skill which makes him attack an enemy randomly so the chances of him attacking a card that will damage 2 more cards is high, so it's an excellent card for high mana cost battles and on the other hand my opponent depended a lot on magic cards and I had a great defense for cards of this type, but my opponent's defense was quite strong, it just lacked damage to win the battle.

And that was the battle I wanted to share, don't you agree that Chaos Dragon is an amazing card? if you have any experience to share, leave it in the comments so that more people know this card.

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The Chaos Realm has preyed upon many a world, opening rifts in time and space to invade the lands and take from its people. When they attacked Praetoria and the Splinterlands, it was first thought that the minions were compelled through the portal for their fear of the dark shade that lurked beyond the gate, the shadowed image of Uul. Eventually though, when the last of the armies stepped through, there came such a prodigious monster that at first, none could believe it was real. A nightmare dragged forth into reality.

As it flew through the spinning vortex, the Chaos Dragon let forth a violent shriek, so loud that it was felt in the far reaches of every Splinter. The people of Praetoria fell to their knees, terror taking the strength from their legs and the courage from their hearts. For an army of monsters can be fought, the land defended with righteous fervor. But when even the invading hordes are fleeing before such a beast, what hope can there be? The answer is none when the eater of worlds has arrived, the true devourer of existence.

Surely such a thing couldn’t be the puppet of Uul? How could anyone command a creature that has flown from one cosmos to another, feeding upon alien planets? But it was his most potent being, one that existed before time had conceived the very gift of life itself.
Lord General Reinold, of the order of the Silver Shield, sat astride his warhorse and looked out across the vast plains of Ixzoc. Lined formations of warriors stretched as far as the eye could see, from right to left, their tall pikes reaching up to the sky, threatening the sun with sharp spikes. Behind them were great square phalanxes of paladins standing to attention, their cloaks brushing against highly polished plate armour as they waved in the breeze. To either side were his knights, gilded lances pointed to the heavens adorned with pennants denoting the Order of the Shield.

Reinold thought back to their journey from Khymeria to Praetoria. It had taken weeks for the nation's admiralty to sail the army here and now they’d arrived he was unsure of where to go. ‘Close the chaos rift’ the council had instructed, ‘stop the creeping plague’, but this land was so alien from anything he’d ever seen. Aside from the small port at Blue Harbour, they’d not come across any great cities.

His attention was taken as a cloud passed before the sun…no wait, not a cloud. What could be so vast that it could blot the sun from the sky? He lifted his head and looked to where the shape moved. Jagged spikes jutted from the body and head, pointing in all angles before continuing along the back and onto the spine of its long tail that flicked at the air like a serpents forked tongue. The wings were so vast that Reinold swore they could envelope the entire continent in darkness if the creature wished it, or raise an immense hurricane if it were to beat them hard enough. Dark pearlescent scales warped from purples and blacks, to a sickening blood red that made his vision swim. And then it was gone.

The next he knew, a decaying blast of necrotic energy swept across the entire army. Plate armor instantly dissolved in the caustic discharge, skin and flesh bubbling beneath before putrefying into liquid filth. Not a soul was left standing, not one single soldier. Reinold looked down at his own body, a shimmer of white light about him, a persistent and repulsive purple haze pressing in on all sides. There was movement beside him and a cloaked figure stumbled forward into view.

“My Lord, I can’t hold this shield for much longer.”

Reinold felt his skin prickle beneath the relentless weight of chaos. “High Priest Lehin,” he coughed, his throat itching with an acidic burn. “ yourself. Someone must warn Khymeria.”

Then darkness took him and all was lost.


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