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Today you will know an amazing card to put in the first position in your battles in the water deck, this card is the Serpent of Eld and if you still don't know him then I will introduce you.

Choosing a card to put into battle is often a difficult decision because you can't be sure what your opponent is going to use, but if there's one thing I'm sure of is that the Serpent of Eld is an amazing card when it comes to battle. against melee and ranged cards and in this post I will tell you why.

I'll start by explaining about the card and its abilities as this is the basics you need to know.

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As the image above shows it is a rare card from the water deck and its attack type is melee, in addition its attack is quite high even at the level and this is a good thing but it improves according to your level, your speed too is another important point to mention since it is not low at all and will be very useful with its abilities and its health is unfortunately low but it has a shield and helps a lot in battles. Now let's get to your abilities.

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Its first ability is Dodge and it will be very useful along with its speed as it is an ability that increases the chances of dodging melee and ranged attacks by 25% so have no doubt that this card will dodge a lot of attacks during the battle

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His second ability is Return Fire and it causes him to deal half the damage done by ranged cards back to the card, so let's assume the card has 3 ranged attack and it attacks the Serpent of Eld so this card will receive back half the damage that would be 1.5 but it's not possible to do that damage so the value is rounded up and becomes 2, so it's an excellent card against ranged cards because even if they hit the attack the Serpent of Eld will deal damage.

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His third ability is Poison and it makes the card have a 50% chance of applying this effect when attacking a card and doing 2 damage at the end of the round, so it will be the type of ability that will help him do more damage to enemy cards and that makes it even more useful.

This is the information you need to have about the card, now I will show it in battle so you can better see its usefulness.

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As a summoner I chose Alric Stormbringer who is a very useful summoner for cards with magic attack as he grants them +1 attack and in this battle I used some so he will be important to increase their damage.

In the first position I chose the Serpent of Eld, but I won't say much about it because I've explained it before, and it will be very useful for dealing damage and dodging attacks.

For the second position I chose the Flying Squid which is a melee card that attacks from the second position as it has the ability Reach and also has a lot of attack and health which makes it a good source of damage and defense.

In the third position I chose Djinn Oshannus which is a card with magic attack and a lot of health so it will cause a lot of damage since its attack will be increased by Alric Stormbringer and it will not be easy to defeat since it has a lot of health and enables Void that reduces magic damage taken.

In fourth position I chose Venari Wavesmith which is also a card with magic attack and has the Protect ability that grants +2 shield to all allied cards, so it will be an important source of damage and defense for the team.

In the fifth position I chose Deeplurker which is a melee card with a lot of attack and that attacks the lowest life card with its Opportunity ability, so it will be useful to give the last hit on enemy cards.

In the last position I chose Saber Shark which is a melee card with a lot of attack and has the Sneak ability that makes him attack the enemy card in the last position so he will be useful to defeat these cards.


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In this battle there is the Equalizer rule where all the cards have the same amount of life at the beginning of the game and this is an advantage for the Serpent of Eld since its life was low, so now I will defend longer, in addition to my opponent chose the life deck with summoner Lorna Shine which makes it difficult to damage him at first and all his cards are melee with a lot of attack so the shield that Venari Wavesmith grants will be very useful.

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In the first round both sides lost a card so it was practically a draw and most of my cards are with Venari's shield so they have a good defense.

imag 6.png

In the second round again both sides lost a card so it's still a tie.

imag 7.png

In the third round my opponent lost a card and I still have the same amount and that gives me a certain advantage, but my Venari is low on health which is a bad thing since if he is defeated I will lose part of my defense. On the other hand, Serpent of Eld is doing its job well and is dodging several attacks.

imag 8.png

In the fourth round I ended up losing my Venari but the Serpent of Eld dodges a lot of attacks so there's still a chance of victory.

imag 9.png

In the fifth round my opponent lost another card and that gave me an advantage, having the Serpent of Eld defending and dodging several attacks makes a huge difference in the battle.

imag 10.png

In the sixth round there were no cards defeated but my opponent has his Stitch Leech with very little health and my Serpent of Eld keeps dodging his attacks.

imag 11.png

In the seventh there was only one card left from my opponent on the field, but I ended up losing the Serpent of Eld, he fulfilled his role well and I still have 2 very strong cards on the field and with full life so in the eighth round his last card was defeated and I achieved victory.

The Serpent of Eld is an incredible card that deflects a lot of attacks especially when the opponent has only melee and ranged cards, in addition to the Equalizer rule it gains a huge advantage as it will have a lot of life and resist longer in battle to dodge it more attacks.

That was my battle for this week's challenge in Splinterlands and I hope you guys got to see the potential of this card, see you next time.


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Serpent of Eld is insanely good against Melee & Ranged attacks, although as a front row Tank the S.O.E is super weak against magic damage (due to its low health) but that is part of the game balance I suppose! 😁

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