Splinterlands - A little used card but an excellent choice in battles with high mana costs.

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Today I'm going to talk about a little used card from the life deck but that I consider very useful and that can guarantee victory in certain battles. His name is Silvershield Sheriff, but you must be wondering how a card that has 9 mana cost is going to be a good choice for battles. I will answer this question but let's go slowly so you can better understand how to use it and I will also show it in battle so you know more about its usefulness in practice, and I also mentioned certain games and how it has a mano cost high I wouldn't give it priority in low mana battles.

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The Silvershield Sheriff is a rare card from the Rewards edition that belongs to the life deck and its mana cost is 9 as I said before and it is a ranged card, with that you can already understand the basics about it but now let's understand its utility through their abilities and status.

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If you are new to splinterlands and ended up coming here without knowing much about the cards then I will give you a brief explanation. Each card in splinterlands has levels and the higher the level the better that card will be because it will have more status and skills, in addition each league only allows up to a certain level of the card and the maximum level of the common card is 10, the rare is 8, epic is 6 and legendary is 4. In the case of Silvershield Sheriff it is a rare card so its maximum level is 8, but we will talk about it little by little during this post.

Just completing what I mentioned before about each league accepting up to a certain level of the card would be like this:

Bronze - Common lv 3, Rare lv 2, Epic lvl 2, Legendary lvl 1

Silver - Common lv 5, Rare lv 4, Epic lvl 3, Legendary lvl 2

Gold - Common lv 8, Rare lv 6, Epic lvl 5, Legendary lvl 3

Diamond - Common lv 10, Rare lv 8, Epic lvl 6, Legendary lvl 4

Champion - Common lv 10, Rare lv 8, Epic lvl 6, Legendary lvl 4

I think that part has already been understood so let's continue talking about Silvershield Sheriff.

Because it is a card with a high mana cost so it is normal for its status to be high, as you can see at level 1 it already has 3 attack and this is quite a thing if you consider playing at this level in bronze or silver but at this level it basically it only has attack so I would only use it in battles with high mana cost since being a ranged card it would become useless in the first position so it doesn't pay to spend so much mana in a battle with low mana since having more cards on the field would be more beneficial. In addition he has the Snipe ability and this ability makes his attacks prioritize magic and ranged cards which is a very good thing since cards of this type tend to have high damage or strong abilities, so defeating them is something that will benefit you a lot in the battle.

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At level 4 he has 4 attack and at this level you can play in the silver league and it is even more interesting to put him on the field in a battle with a medium cost of mana since with this attack he will have damage to defeat many cards ranged and magic type, in addition he also has the Piercing skill and this skill causes the excess damage dealt to shield to be applied to the card's life, so it's another very useful skill since he has a lot of damage and it would be a waste to cause all that damage and 1 shield to block this attack, an example for this skill would be the enemy card has 1 shield and 3 health so when Silvershield Sheriff attacks it will do 1 shield damage and 3 health of the card and would defeat it, so even if the card has a shield, it won't be a problem for him.

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At level 6 the Silvershield Sheriff gains the ability protect and with this ability he grants +2 shield to all allied cards and that's what I wanted to get to this point since the battle I'm going to show happened in the gold league and my Silvershield Sheriff is level 6, but then that question arises again, how will this card be useful for battles and guarantee you victory?.

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The answer to this question will be in battles with a high mana cost because they are the ideal ones to use Silvershield Sheriff and he has already won me many victories like this, just imagine the following, he is a card with very high damage and with the Snipe ability so he will attack the card other than the first position and will prioritize magic and ranged cards that are usually the main cards on the battlefield but these cards have a weakness that is generally having a low life cost and that's where it comes in the Silvershield Sheriff, as he has a lot of damage and the Piercing skill so these cards will suffer a lot from them and there are many cards in Splinterlands that are the basis of the battle but if they are defeated the game can turn, so the Silvershield Sheriff's role will be eliminate them and favor the battlefield for you, in addition it still has the ability Protect to grant +2 shield to your entire team and cards with this ability usually have little ca vida but the Silvershield Sheriff doesn't so you won't worry about him being defeated so soon and you'll lose that advantage that are the shields, a perfect balance between attack and defense don't you agree?

Now we will talk about the battle but first I will show cards that in my opinion are very useful with the Silvershield Sheriff and that I consider one of the best combinations for high mana cost battles with the life deck.

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As a summoner I always consider Tyrus Paladium a good option because shield is never much and it can really make all the difference in a battle, believe me I've won many battles even though the enemy has stronger cards, but I also consider General Sloan a good option as it would increase the damage of Silvershield Sheriff and other ranged cards.

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In the first position I chose Rusty Android and it's usually not the card I choose for battles like this but as my opponent usually uses a lot of magic cards so I thought it was the best choice for this battle since he has the Magic Reflect ability and with it returns part of Spell Card damage when attacked.

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In the second position I chose the Luminous Eagle and it is usually the best choice for this type of battle but this particular one came with a bonus since it had the Earthquake rule and as the Luminous Eagle has the fly skill so it wouldn't take damage at the end of the turn with this rule.

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In the third position I put the Djinn Renova and besides being a magic card with a good magic attack it also has the Strengthen ability that grants +1 life to all cards and this is very useful especially in rules that damage the cards already that the more health you have the better and she also has the Triage ability that makes her heal the back row card that has suffered the most damage so it's very useful as they are usually the mainstays of battles.

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In fourth position I put Defender of Truth and just like Silvershield Sheriff it has the Protect ability that grants +2 shield to all cards so it will be of great help in battles and in addition it also has a good magic attack and a low mana cost which makes it a great choice for battles.

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In fifth position we have Peacebringer and I don't have much to say about him, basically he will serve as a source of damage for the team and as he is a ranged card so the ideal is always to put him as far away from the first position as possible.

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And in the sixth and last position we have the Silvershield Sheriff which is also a ranged card so it will be ideal to put it in the last positions and I already mentioned about its abilities so you already know its usefulness in battle.

Now let's get to the battle and I'll show you how he was useful even though it looks like he wasn't.


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The first thing I will say about the battle is that I was right to use Rusty Android because my opponent only used magic cards so he will have a good use in the battle, but at the same time he also loses a little use of the Protect ability, but you must have been wondering how so a bit since magic cards directly attack the enemy's life? this is true but remember that there is the Earthquake rule on the field so when it does 2 damage to all cards that don't have the Fly ability, that damage will be applied to the shield and you will see in this battle how useful it was and that without him I would have lost.

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In the first round of the battle I ended up losing Rusty Android but he did his job well and made many cards lose life and that was of great importance, besides as you can see my team gained 5 shield because of the 2 Protect skills and the summoner so that alone guarantees 3 turns without taking damage with the Earthquake skill, besides my opponent doesn't have a shield so his cards will suffer with this rule.

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In the second round I lost Luminous Eagle to Djinn Renova but that was already predicted to happen since my enemy had a lot of offensive power but as you can see my cards that were on the back line didn't lose any life just shield and that was great importance since once they reached the first position they would take damage directly in life against enemy spell cards so having full health was essential for victory.

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And in the third round I managed to achieve victory without losing any more cards since most of the enemy cards were defeated so he didn't have enough offensive power to defeat mine and my surviving cards on the battlefield have their lives full so how you can see even in battles where the ability Protect doesn't seem to have much value it has and can guarantee victory for you so cards like Silvershield that has a good attack and attacks the enemy's back line and also grants shield to your team is important .

This was the battle I wanted to show this week and also the usefulness of Silvershield Sheriff, now I will show its history and also the fact that Peacebringers and Silvershields Sheriff are opposites and even so I still put them in battles, but in the end it was all right.

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The horseback Sheriffs of Khymeria are tasked with enforcing Khymian law, especially in the places known for being riddled with dissenting Peacebringers. These horse-riding lawfolk live solitary lives with few friends. As they patrol through the streets of Khymian towns and villages, they are often pelted with rotten vegetables and told to “go back to Cloudgard!” Contrary to popular opinion ( which is seeded by the Peacebringers), Silvershield Sheriffs are usually upstanding protectors of Khymian peace and freedom. They must have a strong moral character (and true aim) to put up with such abuse from those they protect.