Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DEEPLURKER


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Today I'm going to talk about a terrifying fish that lives at the bottom of the sea, moreover, he's poisonous and attacks the weak, will you hate or love him after knowing this?

If you still don't know the name of the card even after this description and image then know that he is called Deeplurker and you must have certainly seen him in battle since it is a very used card these days, and maybe you have already asked why people tend to use it so much and this is a question from someone who must never have used it, so let me clear your doubts and at the end of this post you will want to use Deeplurker in every battle.

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As you can see the Deeplurker is a common card of the water deck of the chaos legion edition and has 6 mana cost and its attack type is melee.

As you all know with the arrival of chaos legion in splinterlands the water deck magic cards lost a lot of visibility as many people now use the earth deck as magic deck, but despite that the water deck is still extremely powerful and I will tell you show this but first let's continue talking about Deeplurker.

Although Deeplurker's mana cost is not low he has 3 attack at level 1 and this is already considered powerful but it will get even better because he has the Opportunity ability and it allows him to attack the lowest health card, I wasn't joking when I said that he attacked the weak, but at level 1 he has a weakness that is to have low speed, but in battles with the Little League rule it is a positive point, and about his life it is not much but it is reasonable, I consider a card with more positives than negatives and I only talked about it at level 1 so let's see in the other levels.

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At level 2 and 3 it doesn't change much, just a little speed and health, at level 4 and 5 it gets a little more interesting because it has 4 attack and as these levels are allowed in the silver league so it's an extremely powerful attack .

From level 6 he gains the Poison ability and it makes the card have a 50% chance of being applied to the enemy card it attacks and when it is applied it causes 2 damage at the end of the turn and it directly hits the card's life , then it will always deal 2 damage regardless of the ability or shield of the card hit. So in addition to having 4 attack it still has a chance to do 2 more damage which would be 6 damage in total and this is something that can defeat a card in a single attack, amazing isn't it? and don't forget that it always attacks the least life card so if that card gets the poison it will probably be the end of it.

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At level 7 it only changes speed and at level 8 it has 5 attack so it would be practically 7 damage when the poison was applied, do you still think any card can survive that?

At level 9 it changes life and at level 10 it gains the Demoralize skill and this skill makes enemy cards lose 1 melee attack, so in addition to having absurd damage it still decreases the enemy's attack, I don't know about you but whenever I play with the water deck, Deeplurker is a card that cannot be missing from my side of the battlefield because he is an incredible card.

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Soon I will show Deeplurker on the battlefield but first I will talk about which cards I choose to accompany him in this battle.

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As Summoner I chose Lir Deepswimmer and even though he is a very little used summoner he is very useful, but I chose him in this battle because I saw that my enemy used to use many cards with ranged attack and as this summoner has the Return Fire ability that makes with that part of the enemy's ranged attack comes back to him when he attacks, in addition Lir Deepswimmer also gives +2 shield which is very important since it will defend melee and ranged attacks so it buys more time for your cards and in addition he also has the Blind skill that increases the chances of the enemy miss the attack by 15% and if you watch the match you will see that the enemy missed many times. So as you can see he is an amazing summoner and should be used more often.

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For the first position I chose Frozen Soldier and it is a card that becomes perfect with Lir Deepswimmer because it has the Shield skills that reduces melee and ranged damage received from the enemy, it also has the Magic Reflect skill that causes it to cause a part of the magic damage received back to the enemy and with Lir Deepswimmer he will have the Return Fire skill that will return part of the enemy ranged attack so all enemy cards will suffer in his hands ( a small battle spoiler: he is so amazing it's not even defeated )

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In the second position I chose the great Deeplurker because it has a reasonable amount of health so it will hold up for a while if the Frozen Soldier is defeated, in addition it also has good speed and with the help of the Blind skill it will dodge many attacks .

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In third position we have Sea Genie which is a card with magic attack but I put it in that position because of the fly skill and we all know how it makes us miss a lot of attacks and imagine having the blind skill. With that my front line on the battlefield is well protected.

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In fourth position we have Venari Wavesmith and we know that his Protect ability that grants +2 shield to all allied cards is very useful and therefore he will always be a good option in battles, in addition Lir Deepswimmer already grants 2 shield for everyone so it will be 4 shield for all your cards and that's a lot because not all cards have 4 damage to take the shield completely so with 4 shield you can block up to 2 melee and ranged card attacks, yeah an incredible defense.

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In the fifth position we have the Pirate Captain and he has the Snipe ability that makes him always prioritize attacking ranged and magic cards which is very good since these cards are the ones that usually give the most work but the main reason I choose him is because of the Inspire ability that grants +1 melee attack to the cards, so if you already thought Deeplurker was amazing, imagine with more attack and there are still other melee cards on my side of the field then it's amazing play since attack is never too much.

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And in the sixth and last position we have the Spineback Turtle and you may wonder why I put him in the last position and the answer is simple, in the battle that I will show you have the Melee Mayhem rule so all melee cards can attack from anywhere and this is the first reason, the second is that as the Spineback Turtle is a card with the Thorn skill so if on the enemy side there are melee cards with the sneak skill that attack the last position card then it will still do 2 damage to those cards so in addition to attacking from that position it will still cause damage if someone tries to defeat her and not to mention she has a lot of shield, to be more specific she has 9 shield at the beginning of the game with the buffs so it's a fantastic defense for the back line .

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I think I've told you everything you should know so let's go to the battlefield.

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As you can see this battle took place in the gold league and I was right to use Lir Deepswimmer since most enemy cards have ranged attack, in addition he has many cards with the heal skill so he has a lot of healing and also the summoner Kelya Frendul that give shield and speed so its in addition to healing also has a good defense.

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In the first round, the enemy team couldn't do much since my defense is too much and I was able to take a good part of its defense and defeat the Halfling Alchemist but before being defeated he still managed to attack my Frozen Soldier and take half of it of his attack.

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In the second round I managed to defeat his Sea Monster which was his biggest source of defense as it healed a lot and also the Water Elemental which also healed so there were 2 important cards to be defeated.

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In the third round I managed to defeat his Deeplurker which was also a problematic card and I also defeated the Crustacean King who healed the cards a lot so his healing has already been drastically reduced and now only Cornealus is left and as ranged cards don't attack in front so this battle has already been decided.

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And in the fourth round the victory was decided with few attacks and as you can see I didn't lose any cards even with the enemy having strong cards and having made several attacks.

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This is the battle I wanted to show you this week, I hope you liked it and also saw how strong the Deeplurker is, besides that you also saw the strength of the Lir Deepswimmer in action so I hope it can be used more in the future.

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Terrifying to behold, Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak. However, they are known to travel to the surface in times of dire need. Many believe that they are sensitive to the balance of elemental water magic and, when that balance is in danger, the Deeplurkers rise to attack or defend it.
The Kulu Swimhunters swam just below the surface of the water, following the Praetorian fishing vessel. When it lowered its sails and came to a halt, they would strike.

Movement from the depths below caught the eye of one Swimhunter. He turned his tentacled head to peer down. Something large rose toward them. Before he could call out a warning, a massive Deeplurker swam into their midst in a churn of frothing water.

Its grotesque tongue lolled as the enormous fish seized the smallest Swimhunter by the waist, teeth tearing into rubbery flesh. Another churn of water, and the Deeplurker descended into darkness with its prey.

The remaining Kulu Swimhunters scattered, fleeing in all directions, and the Praetorian fishing vessel sailed on, blissfully unaware of how close its crew had come to their demise.


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