Splinterlands - Waka Spiritblade, a $1,570 card but is it worth that price?

Today we are going to talk about one of the most awaited cards in splinterlands ( I say this from my point of view because I liked it a lot ) and I don't say that because it is a card with a famous partner but because I think it has great potential for the battlefield and as an investment as well.

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As you may have already noticed the card is the Waka Spiritblade and I will show my point of view on what I think of it and how much it can influence battles in splinterlands.

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But you might think it's just a legendary summoner that gives only one skill to the cards so it's not a big deal as there are other summoners of the same rarity that give 3 and yes that's true but the skill that Waka Spiritblade grants is much more valuable, just think of it this way it will poison all your cards and when this card attacks it will have a 50% chance to apply this effect and deal 2 damage at the end of the turn to this card, so that would be basically like giving +2 attack to all cards and without restricting by attack type, because summoners usually give +1 attack but restricting to melee, ranged and magic attacks, Waka Spirit would give those "2" attack to all the unrestricted cards and in addition the Poison skill will always do 2 damage when applied regardless of the enemy's skill, so if he has the Void skill that reduces magic damage or the Shield skill that reduces magic melee and ranged damage won't change anything because the damage is still 2 and it can still get better because Poison is applied directly to the enemy's health so it's no use having a shield because it won't work, now imagine all that destructive power in a summoner that it has only 3 mana cost and the other summoners of the same rarity that could compete with it have cost 5 or 7 and cannot participate in the Little League rule but Waka Spiritblade can, amazing isn't it?

The potential of this card in battles will be extremely scary, especially in battles with low mana cost, since in these battles, cards with low mana cost and low health are usually used, so even if they have a shield, they will suffer a lot in the hands of this summoner and even being defeated on the first attack.

Now that you know how amazing this card will be in battles in splinterlands, how about I tell you that it will also be amazing as an investment?

The first thing that can stand out although I don't consider the biggest impact on its value is the fact that it is a promotional letter with a partnership with a famous Rapper and this is already something important to mention as NFTS are increasingly winning featured nowadays so maybe many of her fans will want to acquire her, not only to play in splinterlands but also because she will have another important role which is to use her on snapchat which is extremely famous.

The second factor to be mentioned is its usefulness in the game as I described before and this will give a lot of value to this card as it will not just be a card to keep in your collection but a card that will give you countless victories. In addition, it is a very limited card so many people will run to have it and as its utility is high and the amount is low, its participation in the battlefield will also be limited but you can be sure that whoever uses it will not regret it.

The third thing to mention would be the fact that it's limited but I've said this before.

Despite all this, there is still a negative point, which is the fact that the card is sold at the lightest maximum, so the number of cards in circulation in the market will always be 1000 and this is something that can negatively impact the value since the fewer cards you have in the market the tendency is for the value to rise, but in this case it will always be the same amount.

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Now let's talk about values to see if the value at which it will be sold is fair.

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As you can see at the exact moment I'm writing this post, the SPS costs $0.120 and the Voucher $1.94 and as 5000 SPS and 500 vouchers are needed, then the value of this card would be $1,570 which is quite high but we have to take into account that the card will be at maximum level so let's make some comparisons.

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The first comparison would be with the summoner Selenia Sky who is also a legendary summoner with 3 mana cost and as you can see her cheapest card at level 4 which would be the same level as Waka Spiritblade costs $2,535 and the number of cards in circulation is 940 which would be pretty close to the number of regular cards from Waka Spiritblade which is going to be 960, but there are a few things to mention in this comparison the first is that the utility of Waka Spiritblade is much greater than that of Selenia Sky which gives + 1 ranged attack so that alone is an important factor that can make this card even more expensive than it, but you may wonder that Selenia Sky is from the Beta edition and this greatly influences the value for being an old edition and also because of the power it gives it would be 17,325 power while the Waka Spiritblade will give 5,775 power and yes these 2 things affect the value of the card but because of the Waka Spiritblade's utility being greater and also the fact that it's a promotional card partnering with a famous Rapper and also having utility outside of Splinterlands makes up for these 2 things so I believe his value will be much higher when his sale ends.

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I didn't find a level 4 gold card from Selenia Sky for sale so there's no way to compare the price but if it's at level 2 it's already like this then imagine how much the gold card from Waka Spiritblade will be worth that will only exist 40.

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My other comparison is with the summoner Mylor Crowling that despite being a rare and non-legendary summoner I believe their utility is very similar in terms of ability granted, but I consider the Waka Spiritblade to be stronger and as you can see the card of the Mylor at max level costs $3,077.40 which is even higher than Selenia Sky and also higher than the value of Waka Spiritblade during the sale of the card and you can believe that the fact that it is Legendary will greatly increase its value.

Another thing I would like to mention is the fact that if you acquire the Waka Spiritblade, in addition to having a great card for your battles and also as an investment because it tends to increase in value over time, you will still be able to profit a lot renting it when you are not going to use it in battle because as it has a great use and it will also be very limited, many people will want to rent it and the demand will be greater than the supply so its value for rent must be very high.

So in addition to earning with it waiting for it to value you will still earn a lot by renting it daily, do you still have any questions about how amazing this card will be in many ways?

That's my take on summoner Waka Spiritblade and I can't wait to play with him.


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