Tales from the Guild, Brawl report #2

As another guild brawl ended, it's time for a new brawl report and update my stats 😁

TLDR: Won 3 out 9 battles i entered in Fray 1, increasing my win ratio with 5.6 % to 27.8% overall

The Guild

We came out in 7th place out of 10 overall with 93 points and a win ratio of 41.33% (31 wins / 44 loses) which isn't that bad all things considered and only 10 fray's filled.

It got us all 831 merits as entry reward and 19 crowns for the Guild.

Battles of the Brawl

After losing a lot of battles last brawl, i decided to rent some more cards to see if i could turn them into wins. The combo i saw a lot, was the Sacred Llama / Kron the Undying combo so i decided to rent these, and Yodin / Grum in hopes to get more wins. Anyways, i entered fray 1 with good hopes, so let's see how it went.

Battle 1 - Win
Rule-set : Thorns, Up Close & Personal
Mana-cap : 42

Stars of this battle where Ant Miners and Fineas Rage / Chimney Wallstop. The ants could grow by the deaths made by the thorns and with reach and blast my team could do enough damage to take the first win of the brawl.

Battle 2 - Loss
Rule-set : Back to Basics, Taking Sides
Mana-cap : 50

In this battle i made the wrong decision by going for Crypt Mancer as a summoner. Yodin in combination with his tank wiped the floor with my team.

Battle 3 - Win
Rule-set : Heavy Hitters, Up Close & Personal
Mana-cap : 36

Mylor with it's thorns was a perfect choice in a full melee battle against the Drake of Arnak. The back of of my opponent got taken out quickly making way for the win.

Battle 4 - :Loss
Rule-set : Close Range, Lost Legendaries
Mana-cap : 27

For this battle, i wanted to use the Llama, but this one was banned from entering. With the line-up i entered, i got wiped out pretty quickly by the devastating Quora Towershead.

Battle 5 - :Win
Rule-set : Lost Magic
Mana-cap : 56

In this battle i was lucky that my opponent used Conquerer Jacek as summoner. Now my tank didn't get hit that much, because his full lineup of ranged attackers got scattershot making them go all over the place.

Battle 6 - :Loss
Rule-set : Heavy Hitters, Taking Sides
Mana-cap : 34

Here i entered the Llama and Kron in a battle against Alric Stormbringer with an magic line-up. After my team got taken out and Last stand was applied on Kron, he came 1 damage short of taking down Djinn Oshannus, resulting in my defeat.

Battle 7 - :Loss
Rule-set : Aim True, Lost Legendaries
Mana-cap : 58

I didn't see the use of the Sandworm in this battle coming. For my opponent it came out great, because my defense didn't count on it, so i got wiped out.

Battle 8 - :Loss
Rule-set : Return Fire, Close Range
Mana-cap : 16

At the start of the battle my hopes where good, but soon the lack of speed on my monsters resulted in missing the Void Dragon. Zsgald Vorst bloodlust eventually killed of Kron which had 1 health short of taking them out.

Battle 9 - :Loss
Rule-set : Armored Up, Close Range
Mana-cap : 48

The speed-up Brownie gave the opponents team in combination with kron and quora made sure that i missed a lot, and just couldn't get trough. This resulted in the last loss of the brawl.

Stats and final thoughts

Despite renting some good cards, the Llama got banned on multiple occasions. Also the Gladius monster Quora Towershead is a real nightmare to step up against.

Luckily i won 1 more battle than last brawl, so my stats are heading in the right direction 😁

BattlesWinWin Ratio
Fray 19222.2%
Fray 19333.33%
Increase / Decrease+ 5.6%