Tales from the Guild, Brawl report #3

Welcome fellow Hiveians and Splinterland fans to my latest brawl report.

The Brawl

After "analyzing" the card use of my opponents in last brawl, i saw that there was on earth card being used a lot, and resulting in almost guaranteed wins when placed correctly. Problem is, the card in question, Quora Towershead, is a Gladius only card.

But after the last brawl, i've got enough merits to buy a gladius pack, and guess which card revealed itself?

Yes!! i have got my own now. So after renting some additional cards before the brawl, i entered fray 3 with good hopes.

Overall we did good, and managed to rise to the 302 st spot on the guild ladder with a rating of 30,511.

Battles of the Brawl

With 5 wins out of 9 battles, i think i did pretty good. So let's check out 2 battles out of my 9 played.

Battle LinkRulesMana-CapOutcome
Battle 1Earthquake19Win
Battle 2Explosive Weaponery, Rise of the Commons46Loss
Battle 3Odd Ones Out16Win
Battle 4Odd Ones Out22Win
Battle 5Even Stevens27Loss
Battle 6Silenced Summoners, Melee Mayhem19Win
Battle 7Stampede, Healed Out34Loss
Battle 8Stampede, Holy Protection15Loss
Battle 9Heavy Hitters, Even Stevens46Win (by forfeit)

Battle 1

Despite having Quora in there team, she just wasn't good enough to carry the team by herself. And with the ruleset i think the use of Brighton Bloom or a full set of flying monsters is the best choice to get a win.

Life is my least favorite splinter, and i don't have serious cards to use in a battle. So despite entering with a Dragon Summoner, i just didn't have competing cards. And if you forget to enter the chicken to your battle a loss can't be avoided.

Stats and final thoughts

I was real lucky to get a Quora Towershead from a Gladius pack opening i put it to good use resulting in some wins. This season i didn't rent the Llama nor Yodin but by taking some time to put my decks together with other cards i think it paid of well.

BattlesWinWin Ratio
Fray 19222.2%
Fray 19333.33%
Fray 39555.55%
Last Brawl Overall Win ratio27.8%
Increase / Decrease against last brawl+ ~9.2%

If you got this far, thanks for reading! And hope to see you after the next brawl!


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