My crypto earnings from games (Month 4 September)



It has been a wild month and once again many changes to the NFT projects I am involved in. Here is my 4th crypto earnings income from games.

Splinterlands: One of the projects I am most excited about. There have been new announcements of upcoming updates and land gameplay is getting closer. Moreover, the SPS airdrop is even more profitable now after the increase in value these days (100%+). After 67 days of airdrops, my total SPS value is now $1095. Sadly the tool I was using for keeping track of my DEC earnings didn't work properly this month so I will give you an estimate. I earned ~14000 DEC ($122,80) from Battles, ~6800 DEC ($59,64) from Quests and my total cards value is now $1253,67. If you have followed the previous reports you will notice that it is lower than the previous month and this is because I set up one more account and I transferred some cards to it, also flipped a lot of expensive cards and try to hold more DEC to get more SPS each airdrop.

Axie Infinity: Even lower than the previous month not only because the SLP price dropping but also because the game gets really boring at times and I am not really consistent with my playtime. I earned a total of 2756 SLP ($194.83). Sadly no gameplay updates. The only update worth mentioning is the SLP breeding cost increase which led to a bit more burn and price increase but this is just a temporary solution imo.

Plants vs. Undead: This is the game that saw the biggest changes this month. Many people were not happy with most but I think they were important for keeping the economy. I stopped swapping LE to PVU (the primary method of withdrawing money) because they increased it 5x (From 100LE = 1PVU to 500LE = 1 PVU). However, they introduced a new mode called World tree which gives you saplings, LE and a sunbox every day if some conditions are met. This allowed me to collect enough saplings to earn 2 plants (100 saplings = 1 plant). Plants also saw a massive decrease, from the cheapest being $1600 to $50. This is also due to the coin dropping more than 80%... It sounds like the game is already dead after one successful month but it might not be. They will release Farm 3.0, PVE and PVP mode in October so really looking forward to it. Hoping it will attract new players and the economy will stabilize. If you believe in the project now might be a good time to enter because the entry fee is just $17

BomberCrypto: A new entry this month and surprisingly really profitable so far. The game was released just yesterday and I managed to make $73.86 as of now. You need 1 hero to start and they cost 10 BCOINS (as of now $1.90 each so a total of $19) . However, with one hero it will be really hard and slow to pass levels,I advise you to start with at least 10. I bought 10 when the coin was at $0.5 so a total of $50 + a really small amount of BNB for 2 transactions (around $0.30). I achieved a 1 day roi considering I got 9 commons and 1 rare heroes. It is mostly luck to pull a good hero because with even 1 epic hero people are making double my earnings, and I don't even want to talk about Legend(0,1% chance to pull from unofficial source) or Super Legend (0,004%) .

Nano Royale: The ROY token saw some peaks this month and attracted a lot more players. I earned 1352 ROY ($9,19) mostly by just doing 1 game a day and I am really happy with that.

I can start including NFTs I have purchased for games if you are interested.

P.S. I bought some ships for Star Atlas, a booster and 2 epic heroes for Guild of guardians and a ton of THG tokens for Thetan arena this month. Really bullish on those 3 projects that's why I invested early.