Top 5 Chaos Legion cards in the Earth Splinter @ Silver Tier!

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Day 3 already, huh?

Welcome back to my Top 5 Chaos Legion Cards per Splinter series! If you missed me tackling Tarsa or Considering Kelya, you can check those out here:

Today marks the half-way point in the series, and is going to be covering a Splinter I’m sure a lot of us are already sick of running into: Earth!

If you’ve missed Alric since he’s no longer a free summoner, Obsidian is here to help! Just like Alric, our new Earth Summoner gives a +1 Magic Damage buff and has become the Low-Tier spam deck like her predecessor! However, Earth isn’t as one dimensional as it may seem on the surface, thanks to another familiar face - Mylor Crowling! With Mylor sticking around, we have to watch out for the mix-up and not undervalue the Non-Magic cards! This is the first Splinter we’ve looked at that has a couple of strong viable directions we’ve looked at so far - so the Top 5 seems harder to lock down - but I’ve made my choices, so let’s get into them!

Number 5: Regal Peryton


First up we have this absolutely gorgeous artwork, attached to some pretty attractive stats! Alongside Flight (great for Earthquake battles!), we get 6 Speed, making that 6 HP even more Tanky by causing misses! Alongside that we get 3 Magic Damage when we use the Peryton alongside Obsidian! A secondary Tank, or at the back to prevent Sneak attackers from getting to your squishy targets - this card is versatile, and easy to fit into your team at only 5 Mana!

Number 4: Mycelic Slipspawn


From one Magic Creature to another - but they almost couldn’t be more different! While Peryton is a Fast, Low Mana, Low-Mid HP, the Slipspawn is a straight up Tank! 11 HP, Taunt and at Level 4 gaining Forcefield, Mycelic Slipspawn is going to keep your little minions alive, similar to my Wave Brood review yesterday. To say that Wave Brood is the top card in Water and then say this is only 4th shows just how strong Earth is shaping up to be in this set! Slipspawn is a very solid card - capable of being your main Tank or Off-Tank, however it’s high Mana cost makes it less flexible than some of our later choices.

Number 3: Goblin Psychic


In a Splinter with such incredible Tanks (Unicorn Mustang, Slipspawn and Nectar Queen just to name a few), what could be better than a Tank Heal? How about a Tank Heal that prevents your opponent from doing the same, and chucks out 3 Magic Damage a turn? Well then look no further than the Goblin Psychic! An incredible combination of Abilities alongside a solid amount of HP to avoid Opportunity or survive Sneak attacks, Goblin Psychic is going to be a very important card to Level up!

Number 2: Grund


Bet you’re glad to see a Non-Magic card! Grund may not synergise that well with Obsidian but he makes it onto the list for being so strong in his own right! This guy is such a Carry - 8 Damage a turn and a respectable health total. Stick the aforementioned Goblin Psychic behind him and you’ve got an amazing Low Mana battle team! Grund is a stand out as one of the best cards in Chaos Legion for me, it’s just a shame for him that I think Earth is also home to the single greatest card in the set..

Number 1: Queen Mycelia


That’s right, I don’t think this Queen is just the best card in Earth, but the best in all of Chaos Legion! Queen Mycelia at first glance looks like a Venari Wavesmith style card for Earth - but she fits into both Obsidian and Mylor decks so perfectly! In Obsidian, she’s going to keep your Magic monsters alive just that little longer with her Protect, while throwing out 2 a turn herself! But put her in a Mylor deck and suddenly your Thorns does more damage from Amplify! Not only that, her Protect works here too to make your monsters survive one more hit - an extra 3 Thorns damage! Queen Mycelia deserves her Kingdom, and a spot in everyone’s collection!

So that wraps up Earth - a very strong Splinter that I think we’re gonna see a lot of this set! Tomorrow I’ll take on Thaddius and his undead minions as I look at the Death pool of cards. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my list so far, and what you want to see me take a look at after this series! Please consider Upvoting if you enjoyed - it helps me want to keep making this content for you all!


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