WEPIXDAO Governance Proposal #18- 12/17/2021



For our 18th governance proposal for the WEPIXDAO we will vote on listing Hive Punks for sale in addition to selling all BETA packs in preparation for the upcoming CHAOS booster packs general sale next month:

- A) YES

- B) NO

To vote simply send one WEPIX token with a memo to "wepix" on Hive-engine.com


Hive Punks price have begun to taper out a little bit with the rest of the market and we have to prepare for the upcoming booster pack general sale for $4 each, which should happen in about a month. I believe that the supply of new packs hitting the market will have a temporary effect of dropping other pack prices and it already has somewhat. The combined effect of Hive prices going up have also dropped the overall BETA price but they are still going for anywhere between $90-100 each.

Any token sales would go directly back into Dark Energy Crystals to earn SPS airdrops until further notice- or the general sale of the
CHAOS booster packs begins. We are earning over 180% APR holding DEC for SPS airdrops alone.

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