Splinterlands Art Challenge!

Good day everyone. Sorry, it has been a while since I haven't posted here, especially with my art. My tablet was broken and I didn't have the budget to repair it, and at the same time, I was busy with my studies in my junior year. So, I borrowed my aunt's tablet and tried to draw again with Splinterlands monster, Naga Assassin.

Naga Assassin_lv1 (1).png


The most important unspoken agreements among the doers of shady deeds throughout Draykh-Nahka are “stay on your own territory,” and “call a Naga Assassin for your dirty work.” Naga come in many different varieties, sizes and cultures depending on where they live. No matter how well they fit into cities and societies, naga always have a certain ruthless edge left over from the recent wild roots of their people. The desert naga of Draykh-Nahka are especially strong and skilled at killing.

Naga Assassins are so quick and deadly at their work that there is rarely a need for a fight. They simply slither in unnoticed, plunging a quiet knife into the most vulnerable place on their victim.

So, I used another perspective. I draw my outline first.

It was pretty hard to determine what face I'd like to portray.

I changed my app from sketchpad to krita. I find it easier to use.

Now, I colored her as if she was on the water, having her pool time.😁


Isn't she pretty?

Before the final look I'd like to show you my battle with the use of Naga Assasin.

Drake Vs Tarsa

my battle.png

my battle round 1.png
Round 1
First Attacker is Naga Assassin, she is spot on kicking the tank of the enemy. My last tank was just a lure for the enemy's sneak attacks.
my battle round 2.png
Round 2
Is where my Naga Assassin has attacked but was dead too done by the sneaks and snipes.
my battle round 3.png
Round 3
Gladly my 2nd tank and 1st tank is still alive.
my battle round 4.png
Round 4
Now that their snipe is on the first tank, he cannot attack, and my 2nd tank was killed by the sneak and the opportunistic.
my battle round 5.png
Now, the last man standing on my team.

my battle round 6.png
But still he managed to end the enemy, because of his thorns.
my battle round 7.png

This ends my battle and having me as a winner.

So, I would like to show you my final output! Ta-da!

What can you say?
Thank you for your time.


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