Splinterlands Art Contest Week 187! Xenith Monk!


Good day everyone! I am back for another Art Contest for the week.

If you want to join click this.

This is the original picture of Xenith Monk from the official website of Splinterlands.

Xenith Monk.png


Xenith Monks created the Xenith Scale, a society devoted to enlightenment, knowledge, and the protection of others. Xenith Monks focus on expanding their minds to become more self-aware and strive to achieve pure balance in all things in order to understand and comprehend Mana and its impact on the Splinterlands.

The code of the Xenith Scale focuses on the art of healing, shielding, and directing the flow of Mana.

Be a shield to those in need.

Be a guiding light in the darkness.

Be a helping hand to the weary.

Be an unmoving scale, balanced as all things should be.

I like Xenith Monk because he has high life in a low mana cap. Even his lore is very nice, like a good samaritan.

First things first

I have to sketch the outlines and position the right angle for my art.
Screenshot_20220505-113908_ibisPaint X.jpg

I am currently using the Ibis paint app on android.

Screenshot_20220505-113916_ibisPaint X.jpg

Then I added color and shadows on him.

Screenshot_20220505-113416_ibisPaint X.jpg

Then lastly, his background.

This is what it looks like in a closer view.

And the final touch, removing the outlines from the first layer.



Thank you for reading~