Diving Deep with Deeplurker l Weekly Battle Challenge


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Hello everyone this will be my Intro to this week's Battle Challenges. I hope I can share some of my thoughts and take on this summoner that may increase your knowledge and improve your battle strategy. So without any further ado lets begin.

This week will Introduce one of the powerhouse opportunity Melee Attacker from Water Deck! The Deeplurker i think price-wise this card is really cheap and also has many potential to be valuable in the future.

Terrifying to behold, Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak. However, they are known to travel to the surface in times of dire need. Many believe that they are sensitive to the balance of elemental water magic and, when that balance is in danger, the Deeplurkers rise to attack or defend it.

Here are the stats from Deeplurker. Statwise i think this card is really good with opportunity and high attack damage and fast speed. Its best potential are viable in Glod League in Lvl 6 Unlocking the Poison ability. and at Lvl 10 with Demoralize can also be helpful.


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RULESET : Poison & No Legendary Ruleset
MANA : 48

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UnitLvlAttackAblityReason for using
Alric StormBringer3-+1 Magic BuffGiving my units +1 Magic Damage
Seamonster3MeleeHealTanky first liner
Crustacean King3RangedTank Heal2nd Liner tank and give more healing
River Nymph1MagicCleanseProtecting my 1st liner from poison
Deeplurker1MeleeOpportunityGiving DPS to enemy
Venari Wavesmith1MagicProtection+2 Armor 2 All units giving more tanky unit
Nerissa Tridawn1MagicNoneMain DPS

Im using this deck to counter as balanced approach . Tries to tank as many hits as possible with the Seamonster. And focus on long term battle and maintaining sustainability.

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Battle Sequence

Battle Link


Looks like my enemy was focusing with Death Deck. Giving me a hard time with my magic unit to fully maximize my attack. Let's see ahead.


I managed to bring down enemy 1st Liner Cursed Windeku. But the poison damage really affects both team hardly. Enemy Bone Golem will be my main obstacle in killing the enemy.

Poison Really affects my team hardly! Leaving only Nerrisa Tridawn with many enemy still standing. Enemy Riftwing really shown its potential in Poison ruleset and facing my squishy unit.

Looks like i have to admit my defeat here. Reminding to keep track of what ruleset i am facing and remembering what kind f deck can give me best potential to win. I forgot to bring harder unit and keeping my Low health unit on my deck.


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Strategy Discussion

This battle really gave me some significance to learn more about wider strategy and focusing on ruleset. Someotimes even with rental and OP Cards wont give you win because the randomness from the ruleset so that should be your main attention.

I falsely miscalculated the usage of unit in this battle. There were some Meta combos from Water Deck you can utilize such as Kelya Melee Deck or Kelya Speed focused (Mixed Unit). Using Kelya with Double Opportunity attackers such as Deeplurker and Feasting Seaweed can give you a better winrate.

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Did you Like Deeplurker?

I think this card is a must have card from Chaos Legion , remembering the current price movement is quite attractive as the instability in Crypto prices . Chipping in with card asset is your best choice.

Combined with Kelya and Feasting Seaweed this card will offer you many wins and with the poison buff at higher level. Deeplurker will be your go to choice in the future. Also with the Inspire potential from River Helliondale and Demented Shark can boost this card potential.

Designwise i think this card is not to attractive. Im kinda confused about the face of this monster. Kinda ugly for me and giving me nightmares haha.

Pricewise I think we can accumulate this card for lvl 6. As this card will be usable in Higher leagues. You can also rent it if you combined it as people will tend to rent it at higher level. Giving more ROI Potential and passive income for you. For the GF vs Regular Foil i think the difference is not to many. Indicating the undervalued of this card. So you can use this way of thinking as reference. At lvl 3 the price difference is bare minimal. I think i will be collecting it at lvl 6.





Final Words

Thank you for reading my post. I hope this can help many beginners like me to learn about #Splinterland and hopefully start their successful #Play2Earn journey.
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