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Hello Everyone today i will be introducing one of the most useful tools / website you can use to maximize your experience in playing #Splinterlands. And its about Splinterlands.com website that you can reach through HERE..

What is Splintercards

Basically Splintercards is a free to use tools that was created by @tehox to help Splinterlands player to get a view on Trends on the game and also learning about card prices , abilities , and many more. So I will be discussing about it main features

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Main Interface

Main Dashboard

  • This section can help you to see prices on the Splinterlands related assets such as DEC Prices/ SPS Price and also Hive Token
  • You can also calculate the Airdrop drop rate with your staked DEC so you can calculate at which rate your investment are growing. This really helps major investor to get better valuation on their asset.
  • You can also see the Chaos Legion Pack sales and Active distribution.
  • Card volume transaction and also pack Prices can also be seen in this interface

Splintertlands Asset on HE

  • This section really will give you a view about prices on SPL asset on HE

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Card Section


  • Through this features you can search for cards in each Edition , Rarities and also Element. Helping you to get a better look on each card
  • Filter features are really helpful in this situation.

Yodin Zaku Card Dashboard

  • This section will tell you about Card abilities at each level
  • Card circulation and also Price movement can also be tracked by using this feature.

Gameplay Section



  • You can learn about abilities available to each unique monster and this feature can sort out toward which card has which ablities.



  • This section will help you to learn about Rulesets available in Splinterlands and you can think on how to counter towards each situation



  • This feature will guide players on what you will earn on each league so players can adjust their investment

Land Expansion


  • This section is for the upcoming SPL update on Land features. So this feature are still on development for future updates.

Card Edition


  • To view which card edition are released by Splinterlands

SPL Roadmap


  • This section brings ahead towards what the upcoming updates are and what area currently implemented in Splinterlands.

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Tools Dashboard

Pack Value Calculator


  • This feature can be used for big investor to see on their card value estimation.
  • You can sort out various variable available according to your personal needs

Loot Chest Value


  • This feature will help you to estimate your daily Chest reward in each league available

Edition Set Value


  • This serves as the cost estimator on buying card on each edition on targeted league

Missing BCX


  • Help you to estimate the cost on maximizing each card according to your Target League

Airdrop Calcutor

This feature can be used to calculate SPS airdrop with all variables available to contributing Airdrop Calculation

SPS Staking

To get estimate what reward on SPS Staked this can really help your investment estimation period

Voucher Calculator


  • You can estimate on voucher you can get by entering SPS you have staked to the website. Voucher can be sold or kept to buy on promotion



  • This feature can be used to get a view on anomaly on each card prices. Gving you best price to bid

List Price Analysis


  • To view on Card Price trend.

Printing and Distribution Data


  • To get a view on each card circulation, you can estimate the price movement by using this feature.

Account Info


  • You can view on your account performance and asset available to your account.



  • This feature can be used to identify on each major holders on SPL Asset

Cards by League


  • Easy view on each card abilities on each League


That's a complete breakdown on Splintercards.com features. My favorite part on this website is the Ablities and ruleset info so you can learn more about how to play better at Splinterlands. Other features like Staking SPS , also Airdrop and voucher Calculator can really help people to calculate on their investment. That's all about my breakdown you can also comment and give suggestion by commenting below

Final Words

Thank you for reading my post. I hope this can help many beginners like me to learn about #Splinterland and hopefully start their successful #Play2Earn journey.
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