Welcome back to my new splinterlands game post. How is it going guys? How are you all? I hope all is well. I'm fine too. I am a player who plays some blockchain game. I also share about these games very often. But these day I did not share about that. Today I will share my battle with MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN, which is the battle challenge of this week. This is my first challenge post for this week.

  • standard
  • Mana Cost: 26 points
  • Available Element: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, & Dragon


Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: Taunt

Selecting battle cards


  • For the summoner, I choose the OBSIDIAN summoner card. The OBSIDIAN summoner costs only 4 points of mana and this summoner can increase the number of magic attack.
  • When I play with earth unit, I always choose the OBSIDIAN summoner. Because I only own this summoner card in earth unit and the I like to use magic attack.

For the first Position Tank: MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card

  • For the first position, I used the MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card. The MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card contains 2 points of magic attack, 2 points of speed and 11 points of lives.
  • The ability of MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card is 'Taunt'. In this battle, I used MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN as the main tank because of his ability.
  • The MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card is this week's challenge monster.
  • MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card is the strongest among the cards that I can use, so I use this card as the main tank in every battle with a lot of mana points.

For the second Position: GOBLIN PSYCHIC

  • For the second position, I used the GOBLIN PSYCHIC card. The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card costs 6 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of magic attack, 5 points of lives points and 1 point of speed.
  • The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card of ability is ' Tank Heal '. Despite the low speed count of GOBLIN PSYCHIC, I like the ability this card has.
  • I used this GOBLIN PSYCHIC to make the main tank stronger.

For the third Position Tank: REGAL PERYTON card

  • The REGAL PERYTON card costs 5 points of mana and this card contains 1 points of magic attack, 6 points of speed and 6 points of lives.
  • The REGAL PERYTON monster of ability is ' Flying'.

For the fourth position: the KHMER PRINCESS card

  • For the last position, I used the KHMER PRINCESS card. The KHMER PRINCESS card costs 2 points of mana and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 2 points of lives and 1 point of speed.
  • I used the KHMER PRINCESS card for the magic attack in this battle.

Battle Rounds


  • In this battle the enemy uses a life quest and I use earth quest. The enemy chose the MOTHER KHALA card for the summoner card. I chose OBSIDIAN for the summoner.
  • The enemy summoner card increases the speed point of all the cards on his team. My summoner card increases the magic attack points of the cards on my team.
  • Since my main tank MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card has Taunt ability, at the beginning of Round-1, all of his cards target my main tank and start attacking.
  • My team also started attacking the enemy's main tank. At the end of Round-1, I was able to defeat the enemy's main tank.


  • At the beginning of Round-2, I was able to defeat the enemy's second position card again. The enemy is still attacking my main tank.
  • At the end of Round-2, I was able to defeat the enemy's 2 more cards, and then Round-3 began.


  • When it comes to Round-3, the enemy has only 2 cards left. I was able to beat those 2 cards easily.

For this battle, I had to play until Round-3. And I won. The mana point for this battle was that I was able to choose full cards for the enemy, but for me I was only able to choose 4 cards. So I thought this battle would be a little difficult for me, but this battle was easy for me. MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN is also very strong, so it was very useful for me. That's it for today. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end. See you soon in a new post. Bye Bye.

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