Welcome back to my new splinterlands game post. How are you friends? I am a player who has been playing the Splinterlands game for several months. So far I'm still playing the Splinterlands game. The splinterlands game is one of my favorite blockchain games. So I play this game almost every day. However, I don't post about this game every day. Today I will share my battle with VENARI SPELLSMITH, which is the battle challenge of this week. This is my second challenge post for this week.


Rarity: RARE
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: Dispel

Battle Rule

  • standard
  • Mana Cost: 30 points
  • Available Element: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, & Dragon

Selecting battle cards


For the first Position Tank: MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card

  • In this battle, I chose the MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster for the first position. The MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card costs 9 points of mana and this monster contains 11 points of lives, 2 points of speed and 2 points of magic attack.
  • The ability of MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card is 'Taunt'. In this battle, I used MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN as the main tank because of his ability.

For the second Position : REGAL PERYTON card

  • For the second position, I chose the REGAL PERYTON card. The REGAL PERYTON monster costs only 5 points of mana and this card contains 6 points of lives, 6 points of mana and 1 point of magic attack.
  • The REGAL PERYTON of ability is ' Flying '.
  • I usually use REGAL PERYTON as the main tank in battles with low mana points, but in this battle, I used REGAL PERYTON for the second position because I got more mana points.

For the third Position : VENARI SPELLSMITH card

  • The VENARI SPELLSMITH monster costs 4 points of mana and this monster contains 2 points of lives, 1 point of magic attack, 2 points of speed and 1 point of magic attack.
  • This monster is the challenge monster for this week.
  • The VENARI SPELLSMITH monster of ability is ' Dispel '. Dispel ability can clear all positive status effects on that enemy when this monster his an enemy.

For the fourth Position: GOBLIN PSYCHIC

  • For the fourth position, I choose the GOBLIN PSYCHIC monster. The GOBLIN PSYCHIC monster costs 6 points of mana and this monster contains 5 points of lives, 2 points of magic attack and 1 point of speed.
  • The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card of ability is ' Tank Heal '. Despite the low speed count of GOBLIN PSYCHIC, I like the ability this card has.
  • I use GOBLIN PSYCHIC in every battle I use earth quest. This is because I like the ability of GOBLIN PSYCHIC. In this battle, I used GOBLIN PSYCHIC to make my team stronger.

For the fifth position: the KHMER PRINCESS card

  • I used the KHMER PRINCESS card for magic attack in this battle.

Battle Rounds





In this battle, I used an earth unit and the enemy used a fire unit. After playing until Round 4, I won this battle. Even after the battle, I still have 3cards left and still strong. I thought I would be low in this battle because my main tank was low in Round-1, but I won. I also bought VENARI SPELLSMITH 4 days ago because I like using it. That's all for today. Thank you all very much.


@winelay 🍇