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Hello my loving Blockchain gaming community,

Hello, Hello, Hello. Welcome back to my splinterlands game new post. How are you everything? Is everything OK? I hope everything is fine and you also fine. I am a player who playing some blockchain games. Among of them, Splinterlands game is my favourite blockchain game. I haven't written a Splinterlands Social Media Challenge post in about 2 months. Next, I will try to participate in challenge posts every week. For this week's Social Media Challenge post, I've chosen the earth unit.

  • Standard
  • Mana Cost: 27 points
  • Available Element: All Elements.

Selecting battle cards


  • In this battle, for the summoner card, I used the OBSIDIAN summoner card. I used 4 points of mana to use this OBSIDIAN summoner card.
  • My OBSIDIAN summoner card is level 2 and this summoner can increase the number of magic points on my team cards.

For the first Position Tank: MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card

  • For the first position, I used the MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster. I used 9 points of mana to use this MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster.
  • The MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster costs 9 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of magic attack, 2 points of speed and 11 points of lives.
  • The MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster has a lot of magic and lives points, so I used this monster as a mian tank.

For the second Position Tank: REGAL PERYTON card

  • For the second position, I used the REGAL PERYTON monster. The REGAL PERYTON monster card costs 5 points of mana and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 6 points of speed and 6 points of lives.
  • The REGAL PERYTON monster of ability is ' Flying '.
  • I used this monster in the second position so that I could use REGAL PERYTON as the main tank if the first position I chose was low.

For the third Position: GOBLIN PSYCHIC

  • For the third position, I used the GOBLIN PSYCHIC monster. I used 6 points of mana to use this monster card.
  • My GOBLIN PSYCHIC monster is level-3 and this monster card contains 2 points of magic attack, 1 point of speed and 5 points of lives.
  • The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card of ability is ' Tank Heal '.
  • I used GOBLIN PSYCHIC in this battle to make the monsters stronger for the first and second positions I chose.

For the fourth position: the KHMER PRINCESS card

  • For the fourth position, I used the KHMER PRINCESS card. The KHMER PRINCESS card costs 2 points of mana and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 1 point of speed and 2 points of lives.
  • In this battle, I used this monster card for magic attack.

For the fifth Position Tank: MYCELIC MORPHOID card

  • For the fifth position, I used the MYCELIC MORPHOID monster card. I used only 1 point of mana to use this MYCELIC MORPHOID monster.
  • After picking up to the fourth position, I only had 1 point of mana left, so I picked this monster.

Battle Rounds




In this battle the enemy uses a fire quest and I use earth quest. The enemy chose the TARSA card for the summoner card. I chose OBSIDIAN card for the summoner. The enemy summoner card ca increase the number of melee attack and lives points on his team. My summoner card increases the number of magic points on my team. From the beginning, I will mainly use magic attack in this battle, so I chose the TARSA summoner card. I thought this battle would be difficult for me, but it was very easy for me. After playing Round-3, I won and my team didn't lose any cards. That's it for today. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end. See you soon in a new post. Bye Bye.


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