2022 July 2nd Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

2022 July 2nd Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

Theme: Antoid Platoon



Battle Record

The Beginning of the Battle


The Ruleset

Mana Cap : 54
Available Element : Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death

Noxious Fumes : All monsters start the game poisoned and will take 2 damage each turn unless cleansed.
Lost Magic : Magical Monsters can't be used.

My Team

1Grum Flameblade★2Bloodlust, Void Armor, Void
2Radiated Brute★5Reach
3Scavo Chemist★5Cleanse
4Forgotten One★3Immunity, Retaliate
5Lava Launcher★3Close Range
6Antoid Platoon★4Shield

The Strategy

  1. Grum Flameblade (★2, Bloodlust, Void Armor, Void) at 1st
    -> Grum Flameblade is very sustainable in Noxious Fumes battles because of his health and Bloodlust ability. I thought he was still strong even though it was Lost Magic game and he has no Shield ability.

  2. Radiated Brute (★5, Reach) at 2nd
    -> He is one of the best 2nd spot monsters. He has decent health, speed, and attack. Radiated Brute can be next tank after 1st tank is eliminated. He gets Enrage ability after Level 6, so Blast damage to him can make him stronger.

  3. Scavo Chemist (★5, Cleanse) at 3rd
    -> Grum Flameblade and Scavo Chemist are perfect combination in Noxious Fumes battles. Scavo's Cleanse make his tank more sustainable. The opponent team must have at least two high-speed and decent-damage Snipe monsters to get rid of Scavo Chemist before the tank gets Cleanse.

  4. Forgotten One (★3, Immunity, Retaliate) at 4th
    -> Forgotten One is not only sustainable but also powerful in Noxious Fumes battles. His Retaliate ability is inevitable in No Magic or Melee-only games.

  5. Lava Launcher (★3, Close Range) at 5th
    -> Lava Launcher is one of the best back-line monsters. It has powerful range-attack, decent speed and Close Range ability, so it can be placed at first as a tank. It can be also placed at the back to protect others against Sneak attacks.

  6. Antoid Platoon (★4, Shield) at 6th
    -> Antoid Platoon is the only Chaos Legion Fire monster that has Shield ability. Antoid Platoon is a very good tank in No Magic battles. Because it was a high-mana battle, I placed this card at the back to block Sneak attacks.

The Battle

The Results

My team finally won. The key point is Antoid Platoon's armor blocked Sandworm's attack and Grum Flameblade's armor getting from Bloodlust blocked its attack again.

My Thoughts on Antoid Platoon

I use Antoid Platoon frequently in Little League, Melee-only, Weak Magic, No Magic, and low-mana battles. Antoid Platoon is the only CL Shield Fire monster and it costs 4 mana, so it's perfect to use this card for Little League battles.

Little League : You can only use Monsters and Summoners with 4 or less mana.


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