2022 July 4th Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

2022 July 4th Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

Theme: Hill Giant



Battle Record

The Beginning of the Battle


The Ruleset

Mana Cap : 17
Available Element : Earth

Armored Up : Monsters get +2 added to their armor stat.
Melee Mayhem : Melee attack from anywhere.

My Team

1Hill Giant★5
2Fungus Fiend★1
3Spirit Hoarder★1Triage
4Djinn Biljka★2Camouflage, Void
5Queen Mycelia★1Protect

The Strategy

  1. Hill Giant (★5) at 1st
    -> He is one of the best tanks in Little League and low-mana battles because of his high health.

  2. Fungus Fiend (★1) at 2nd
    -> Zero-mana monsters are very important in low-mana battles. I place it at 2nd as a second tank.

  3. Spirit Hoarder (★1, Triage) at 3rd
    -> Back-line monsters can be targeted like Sneak or Opportunity, so this card can heal them to help them stay longer.

  4. Djinn Biljka (★2, Camouflage, Void) at 4th
    -> Earth element was only available, so Djinn Biljka, has 2 magic damage and Void, can be very powerful in low-mana Earth battles.

  5. Queen Mycelia (★1, Protect) at 5th
    -> Her Protect ability makes all of my monsters more durable. I placed her at the back because Spirit Hoarder is able to protect her from Sneak.

The Battle

The Results

It was not an easy battle because the opponent's team had Unicorn Mustang and Wood Nymph, one of the best Earth combination in Wild format games.
However, due to the Armored Up and the existence of the zero-mana monster, my team finally got Unicorn Mustang just after Hill Giant and Fungus Fiend were eliminated.
The remain monsters were all magic, so the opponents' armors became meaningless.

My Thoughts on Hill Giant

I think Hill Giant is one of the best low-mana tanks. When I choose an Earth splinter, I almost always pick Hill Giant if mana cap is lower than 20.
Vampire Bat, the new Earth low-mana reward card, can be another good tank but I think Hill Giant is still better than Vampire Bat in most cases.
I normally use Vampire Bat instead of Hill Giant as a tank only in Equalizer or Earthquake battles.



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