2022 June 3rd Splinterlands Weekly Challenge


2022 June 3rd Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

Theme: Silent Sha-vi



Battle Record

The Beginning of the Battle


The Ruleset

Mana Cap : 22
Available Element : Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon

Close Range : Range units can attack from position 1.
Equalizer : The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.

My Team

1Corpse Fiend★1
2Crypt Beetle★4Shield
3Silent Sha-vi★4Sneak
4Soul Strangler★3
5Lira the Dark★2Opportunity, Snare

The Strategy

  1. Corpse Fiend (★1) at 1st
    -> This zero-mana monster can be a decent tank in Equalizer battles. Corpse Fiend was the least powerful unit, so I put him at the front to save others.

  2. Crypt Beetle (★4, Shield) at 2nd
    -> This beetle has Shield ability, so this can be another good tank. It's good for protecting
    against opponents who have Blast.

  3. Silent Sha-vi (★4, Sneak) at 3rd
    -> Silent Sha-vi is one of the most powerful Sneak monsters. I regarded Sha-vi as a main attacker in this match-up, so I put it at the middle in order to survive longer.

  4. Soul Strangler (★3) at 4th
    -> He is a very powerful range-attacker despite 3-mana cost, but his health and speed are usually very low. However, because it was an Equalizer battle, I could take an advantage of using him. I did not put him at the back because he is weak against Sneak monsters.

  5. Lira the Dark (★2, Opportunity, Snare) at 5th
    -> I almost use her except very low-mana battles. This legendary unit is excellent for eliminating opponents using her Opportunity and high-speed. She has high dodge chance against Sneak-attack, so I put her at the back.

The Battle

The Results

I skipped to results during the battle because I thought my team was going to lose, but I finally won.

Silent Sha-vi successfully damaged Pelacor Albalest twice before the first two were eliminated and Lira the Dark could finish her off.

It was lucky that Xenith Archer made so many misses against Lira the Dark at the end of the battle.

My Thoughts on Silent Sha-vi

Silent Sha-vi has decent power, decent speed, and decent health and Sneak ability, so I use this card very often.
I am going to keep upgrading this one as much as I can in the future.
Sha-vi gets Cripple after Level 6, Piercing at Level 10.
Silent Sha-vi (★10) is never afraid of armor.