Octo 1, 12:21 PM - NuInvest and Investment Funds, Splinterlands and their new monster from the collection recently, flee magic compositions


Unfortunately I had a setback and I ended up not sharing my insignificant ideas from the previous days of September, but for our happiness today is already the first day of another month, thanking God for giving me one more day of opportunity to live and enjoy this damn world, a sad thing that happened is that the notebook model that I bought had a little problem in the factory that was overheating so that it was impossible to use it for some time besides the risk of damaging something there, I reported it to the publisher of sale about what happened he asked me if it was not the constant misuse, it was not even appropriate for a product selected as new to have an overheating problem like this, but he after two messages about what happened he agreed to return the money through MercadoPago or the exchange of the product, as I really need a notebook I decided to wait for a new one to arrive and here I am again, the selected model is u m Ultra UB433 notebook with Intel Core i3 and 4GB of ram, I know it's not the powerful one to run a heavy game at 60 FPS without choking on the processor or something, but for my use it works for me enough and the games I play maybe run on any calculator with a graphics card: Tibia, Ragnarok, Half Life and a few others to the same extent, otherwise just for my Graphic Design work and something like that.

Captured image from Splinterlands

So a new season started in Splinterlands and I already acquired an amount of DEC to keep my rent, as I had rented all my other cards to other players I ended up running out of collection power needed to stay in the league which threw me straight to Bronze , and after the start of the season I had to start battling from Novice to Silver again, luckily my first daily quest was water element and since I would use that well-known magic from composition with ALRIC + any magic monster with more than 2 magic attack point, my preferred choice for this is DJINN OSHANNUS for being a great magic tank in addition to great attack and speed, followed in order PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS, CORAL WRAITH, RULER OF THE SEAS & NERISSA TRIDAWN.

Recently, with the addition of the Riftwatchers monster collection, an interesting monster appeared in my view that could be equal to the one mentioned above with its great magic power in addition to some interesting characteristics to assemble a composition totally focused on this, I'm referring to the legendary monster RUNEMANCER KYE.

Captured image from Peakmonsters

His high speed in conjunction with the Flying skill we already know the meaning isn't, a good dodge rate in addition he has the Life Leech skill which can promote him a greater chance of survival in one on one or matches of long battle making him "giant" in terms of amount of life, of all the recent ones added he was the only one that I really tested in battle although my anxiety for the new cards made me rent them all immediately after the start of the season, it even surprised me that some of them were still at 0.500 DEC / Day even for the start of the season and still have few of them in circulation compared to the others in the Splinterlands market.

An interesting text that was recently published by another Brazilian can help you better understand why this letter is very useful in this matter I'm proposing, you can see the post by @ukyron3 BEST RIFTWATCHER LEGENDARY - SPLINTERLANDS PT/EN, she also addressed an interesting flair that I hadn't even noticed yet, using ALRIC makes your lifesteal better as it increases your damage base magician, for a better use I strongly recommend it to be used with the Blast skill rule, just have fun stealing a lot of life from your enemies, would granting this monster the Snipe skill be too appealing?


For now, my ranked climb is satisfactory with almost 90% of victories and I still haven't needed to hire some level 3 or higher summoners to be able to match me in the battle since in the first few days you can find every madman with as many monsters as possible. you can't even imagine it was possible, I already came across the scene of a SEA MONSTERS alone healing and eliminating my team completely, this was one of my favorite monsters to be front line at the beginning of my long way from Splinterlands, time still that you only got one chest per daily mission and fixed numbers at the end of the season although the percentage of dropped cards was higher and the possibility of acquiring a large amount of DEC too, maybe what didn't change was the percentage of acquiring a pack of Chaos Legion, looks the same.

Leaving a little bit of the focus of the Hive ecosystem, I am still acquiring positions in investment funds, my choice was to use the Nubank platform through its NuInvest sub-application that provided me with better fluidity and simplicity to understand the layout and adapt with its features, I set aside my share of dividends a little and chose the funds indicated by the brokerage itself, of course different from cryptocurrencies that can appreciate overnight and also depreciate in the same proportion, these investments always yield better in the long term due to the fact that you have all the income from interest on taxes, fees and the like, and taking it out every moment is complicated and not profitable at the moment.


🏆 My link to Splinterlands : https://splinterlands.com?ref=wlffreitas

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