Splinterlands Guild Brawl: Unfortunately a bad rating, but I still got another Gladius pack


Unfortunately this time my guild didn't get the result like the old battles and we ended up finishing in fifth place with 99 points, getting only 10 crowns, however we managed to increase our guild tents which in the next brawls will give us advantages when we are battling in our house.

Members featured again those who have represented the guild from the beginning:


  • Phoenixchu
  • Geben
  • Twishar
  • Axun
  • Aipei

Phoenixchu'performance has been so steady that he has been promoted by the leaders to become Officer, congratulations on his progress.

I'm still having difficulties with the modality that only allows Chaos Legion, and I only had this one available for me to participate so I had to try, I ended up losing 3 and winning 3, maybe it's a moderate result on my part.

I decided to open yet another pack of Gladius cards dreaming of some legendary from this collection, however I only got a few repeated common cards and a standard rare, although Katrelba Gobson seems attractive to me to use with her skills and still be Gold Foil , to be honest I'm enjoying this edition more than the airdrop cards for purchasing Chaos packs.


🏆 My link to Splinterlands : https://splinterlands.com?ref=wlffreitas

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