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The Importance of Giving Back to Wrestling Professionals

Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) is more than just a game. We're also committed to positively impacting the wrestling industry by giving back to wrestling professionals who have sacrificed their bodies for our entertainment. Here's why we believe giving back is so important:


The Challenges Facing Wrestling Professionals

Wrestling professionals face several challenges that can make it difficult for them to earn a sustainable income. For example, many wrestlers work as independent contractors, meaning they don't receive healthcare or retirement savings benefits. Additionally, wrestlers often have a short career span due to the physical toll the sport takes on their bodies, making it challenging to earn a living after retirement.

How WOO is Making a Difference

Wrestling Organization Online is proud to partner with independent and professional wrestlers to create a sustainable source of residual income for these athletes. We believe that wrestlers deserve compensation for their hard work and sacrifice, and we're committed to making that happen.

A portion of all sales from our game goes back to our partner wrestlers, and when a partner wrestler NFT sells on the marketplace, 100% of the fees from that sale goes back to the wrestler in perpetuity. This ensures that our partner wrestlers have a direct connection to their fans and a sustainable source of income for years to come.


The Benefits of Giving Back

By giving back to wrestling professionals, we're helping to create a more sustainable future for these athletes and making a positive impact in the wrestling industry as a whole. We believe that by supporting wrestlers, we can help to create a more equitable and fair industry that benefits everyone.

Additionally, by partnering with wrestlers, we're able to create collectible pieces of wrestling history that fans can own and cherish. These NFTs represent a unique and valuable piece of wrestling history, and by owning them, fans can show their support for their favorite wrestlers while also contributing to a better future for the industry.



At Wrestling Organization Online, we're committed to positively impacting the wrestling industry by giving back to wrestling professionals. By partnering with wrestlers, we're able to create a sustainable source of income for these athletes while also creating collectible pieces of wrestling history that fans can cherish. We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for the wrestling industry and ensure that wrestlers are compensated for their hard work and sacrifice.


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