How to play Splinterlands effectively on mobile (android)


Firstly, I will be discussing the Pro and cons between web browser and the splinterlands application.

Splinterlands Application

  • User interface perfectly fits for mobile gaming
  • Battles are easier to manage
  • perfect if you are just using mobile (I mainly use the app for battles ONLY)
  • buying credits is easier since you just go through the playstore


  • Unable to view the skills of the cards, so you need to be familiar with it
  • some guild options are not available (brawl, store)
  • unable to claim SPS
  • events not yet available for mobile for tourneys
  • market for renting is not available

Splinterlands Website

  • all functions are available
  • claim SPS, transfer DEC
  • Guild functionalities are complete (Brawl/store)
  • RENTING (the best part)
  • Market for comparing the prices
  • managing your card collection is easier since it has more options


  • for mobile, the interface is cut out and it does not fit the whole screen, so you need to scroll it
  • sometimes it freezes when your moving the cards for your line up so you will need to refresh the page (which reduces your time to prepare)
  • you cannot see the summoners during battle (happening on my end)

Lastly, how to rent, comparing splinter website and, the latter is better in scouting cheap rentals

For renting, only use peakmonsters (MAKE SURE to change your settings in the browser as a desktop site, the fonts will be smaller but it will fit the whole screen, which make it easier in sniping cheap rentals)

  • it has faster refresh rate for available cards
  • you can click on the price index to always show the cheapest on top
  • one click to add to cart once you see the cheapest rate
  • once you have decided which card you need to use, mark is as favorite then show only favorites, then hit the refresh button until you see a good deal
  • Peak monsters is best for sniping good deals, so once you see a cheap rental, click add to cart icon on the right side of the card then rent it out by clicking the cart icon on the upper right side of the page
  • cheap rentals goes away very fast (less than 5 seconds especially for legendaries below 2 dec) so once you see it check out through the cart!


  • Use the mobile app for battles once you are familiar with the skills
  • only use the website for guild activities, market for comparing the prices, claiming SPS and staking it and tranferring DEC to your accounts
  • use peakmonsters for sniping cheap cards


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