SPS 8 hour chart, Predictions of market flow


sps chart.PNG

"Above is the chart of SPS vs USDT, taken on 1:35am 9/17/21 in PH"

*chart date: 7/27/21 to 9/17/21

lowest: 0.00710 (intorductory price)
highest: 1.27440 (highest peak on 7/28/21)

  • after it reached to 1.27440 it went into a downtrend up to 0.22026 before it bounce
  • highest it got after the downtrend is 0.54100 on 8/26/21
  • it is still consolidating up to this time
  • but check the arrows, that is the supporting price, possible lowest price to enter is around 0.21477 (lowest on 9/7/21) up to 0.22
  • 0.21 to 0.22 is a great entry point
  • through the consolidation period, a lot of people are already bidding on those prices to get into position
  • also check the descending triangle, if that breaks, it would be good news to us who have SPS :)
  • RSI (relative strength index) also indicates that SPS is already oversold so a lot of people are also getting in
  • we might still have another week before we can see if it will break out or dip lower, but from the looks of it, volume shows that a lot of people are already gathering SPS between 0.21 to 0.22
  • additionally, BTC and ETH are recovering

"Hope you enjoy the Chart study for SPS, and please note, this is just a speculation, we will never be able to truly predict the direction of the market"

Let's enjoy the game and expansion while we are waiting for the SPS :)