Splinterlands: Soulbound Legendary Reward Cards



Hello Splinternerds

As more and more soulbound rewards cards are getting minted via loot chest so naturally frequency of encountering them in battles have also increased. Encounters with common and rare soul bound cards are more frequent even in lower leagues for obvious reasons ofcourse, but as far as epic and legendary soulbounds are concerned you don't see them more often in lower leagues (at least for now).

Hopefully after a few more seasons, I feel we are finally going to witness fully upgraded soulbound Epics and Legendaries in battles. So this might be a good time to discuss them and start planning on usage strategies before hand.

In this post I am going to go with soulbound Legendaries only. Soulbound legendaries like any other set comes with a mix, some are quite lethal and some are pretty nascent. So lets go ahead and discuss them one by one.



FEREXIAN HERO belongs to Fire splinter. Costing 8 mana this guy have decent stats. When maxed it have heavy melee attack of 5, shield of 3, decent health of 8 and average speed of 3.


The abilities combo this guy possesses make it pretty awesome actually. Starting off with Weapons Training and Reach, it gets Reflection Shield at level 3. Needless to say FEREXIAN HERO is tailor made to be a one down monster backing up the tank.



SORRIEL THE BALE belongs to the fire splinter. Costing hefty 9 mana, it comes with a heavy magic attack of 3 but possesses somewhat low health of 5 and low speed of 2 along with zero shield. Physical stats are not that much impressive.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 041857.png

With disappointing physical stats, abilities makes SORRIEL THE BALE a bit more worthy legendary. It starts off with Double Strike and gets Blind ability at level 2. And at level 3 it gets Rust ability. If you can keep this guy alive long enough, it can prove pretty destructive.




KULU MASTERMIND belongs to water splinter. Costing 9 mana, physical stats are decent. This guys when maxed offers heavy melee attack of 5, decent speed of 4 and heavy health of 9. It is shieldless at all levels.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 042513.png

Abilities make KULU a lethal legendary. It starts off with Weapons Training and Opportunity abilities. At level 2 it gets Shield ability and finally at maxed level Enrage ability comes. It is indeed pretty awesome for an opportunity attack monster.



MUSA SALINE is another water splinter legendary. Costing just 3 mana, it possesses weak physical stats. At maxed level MUSA have magic attack of 2, decent speed of 4 and health of 3. Shield is absent.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 043015.png

Abilities make MOSA somewhat more worthy. It starts off with Scavenger ability, gets Shatter ability at level 2 and finally Dispel at level 3. It can serve as a decent complementing legendary.




Belonging to earth splinter AVA THE UNDAUNTED is a ranged legendary. Costing 8 mana its physical stats are somewhat adequate. At maxed level AVA have a ranged attack of 4, shield of 2, health of 7 and speed of 3.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 053432.png

Like mana soulbound legendaries AVA possesses Weapons Training ability right from the start. At level 2 it gets Shatter, at level 3 Close Range and finally Oppress at maxed level. Pretty decent ranged legendary in my opinion.



TERRACEOUS HULK is yet another earth splinter soulbound legendary. Its physical stats are good for a tank. Costing 11 mana, at maxed level it have heavy health of 11 plus heavy shield of 6. Speed is on the slower side being just 1 at all levels but in compensation it gets huge melee attack of 6.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 053956.png

Abilities of HULK coincide with its tank role. Starting from level 1 it have Taunt and Void Armor abilities. At level 3 it gets Demoralize ability too. It should perform pretty good in reverse speed ruleset.




AVES STURGIS belongs to life splinter is a magic attack legendary costing 6 mana. Physical stats are quite weak. At maxed level it have attack of 3, shield of 1, health of 3 and speed of 2.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 060850.png

Like most of Soulbound legendaries, AVES starts with Weapons Training ability, gets Devine Shield at level 2 and Rust at level 3.



IZIAR is a life splinter soulbound legendary magic attack tank. Costing hefty mana physical stats of IZIAR are decent. At maxed level it have a decent magic attack of 3, high health of 14 and speed of 3. Shield is absent.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 061347.png

Abilities of IZIAR include Taunt and Void from level 1 and Martyr from Level 3. Looking at abilities one can tell that this guy is tailor made for heavy magic attack battles.




SKOK DUSKBLIGHT belongs to death splinter. Costing 8 mana it have a magic attack of 3, health of 7 and speed of 2 at maxed level. Shield is zero at all levels.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 061807.png

SKOK DUSKBLIGHT also comes with Weapons Training ability right from level 1. At level 2 it gets Fury ability and finally at level 3 Resurrect comes.



USUT is yet another death splinter souldbound legendary. Costing hefty 10 mana USUT physical stats are nice. At maxed level it have a magic attack of 3, health of 11, speed of 1 and shield of 4.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 064106.png

As far as abilities are concerned USUT starts off with Flying and Bloodlust ability. At level 3 it gets Heal ability and at maxed level Oppress comes. It is the only soulbound monster with Bloodlust ability.




BERIX SNAKEYE is the only dragon splinter soulbound legendary. Costing 10 mana, its physical stats are decent. At maxed level it have a ranged attack of 4, health of 7, shield of 8 and speed of 2.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 064553.png

Once again BERIX SNAKEYE also starts of with Weapons Training ability along with Void Armor. At level 2 Oppress ability comes and at level 3 True strikes comes.




DRYBONE RAIDER is the only neutral splinter soulbound legendary. Costing hefty 12 mana its a dual attack monster. At maxed level it have a ranged attack of 2 and melee attack of 3. It have a speed of 2, health of 8 and shield of 3.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 065027.png

As far as abilities are concerned, DRYBONE RAIDER starts off with Double Strike ability. At level 2 it gets Shatter and at level 3 Cripple ability comes. Might be one of the best souldbound legendaries out there.


So we have got a good 12 total soulbound legendaries same as number of soulbound commons and rares. I guess SL team didn't held any thing back.
Out of these twelve FEREXIAN HERO, KULU MASTERMIND and DRYBONE RAIDER are my favorites.


That will be all for today.
Which legendary soulbound is your favorite?
Do let me know in comments below👇





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