The Chance of getting each reward - 50% cards, 25% DEC and 25% Potions

Last season, I received 8 reward cards and 1 chest of 9 DEC. At that point, I was wondering if the new percentages of awarding 50% cards, 25% DEC and 25% potion were real since I did way better than that. I was hoping that it would not change my luck going forward.

My daily quest this season has been as follows. First I had the life quest, It was challenging but I was finally able to finish it a little longer than the 24 hour period for the daily quest. I won about half my matches but did not always play with the Life splinter because of the opponents that I was facing. Life would have been beating and that would not help the chance of stringing what few wins back to back to receive the higher match DEC winnings. I received 9 DEC upon completing this quest.

Next up was a Snipe quest. I did not do a very good job with Snipe. I believe I only won about 1 every three matches I played. I think more players are trying to get back to the level they were are prior because most of the matches I played had several gold cards and also cards that I had never seen before. Needless to say, it took me two days to finish this daily quest. The good news is that I received a new reward card from the death splinter - Pelacor Deceiver.

Then I saw what my next quest was to be, another snipe quest. I almost request a new quest but thought better of that since the last three times I did that I ended up with the earth quest which takes me forever to complete. I must have learned a lot from my prior daily quest or all of the better opponents had already moved up in levels. I was able to complete the quest in two hours. I was very happy for however that meant my next quest would not start until the next day. I received another new reward card from the Earth Splinter this time - Pelacor Mercenary. Like I said I try to not play with the Earth splinter unless I absolutely have to so I do not know if I will be keeping this card. But for now, I will for the SPS airdrop points unless someone offers me a lot for it. (any offers?)

I guess since I was so lucky with the prior quest, completing it in record time for me. This next quest, a Sneak quest, took me almost two days to complete. For some reason, I kept getting Sneak and Snipe mixed up when I was creating my lineups and when I won and didn't get a win in the quest, I was confused until I figured out that I mixed the two up. I guess it was because my prior two quests were both Snipe so I was used to creating those lineups. Well, I was not as lucky when opening this chest as I received an Alchemy Potion as my reward.

I really can't complain since the rewards I received from these four daily quests align with the 50% cards, 25% DEC and 25% potions that I was told should be the chance of getting each reward. I will take what I can get. I just wish I would get up to the Bronze I level again. Time will tell. Take care everyone.