Match against the new super strong but not impossible to win anti magician water sliver

Good afternoon to my fellow Splinterlands I want to show you a very interesting game and the reward it gave me. I've been playing my games with my favorite splinters, the dirt chips, and the mighty mylor crowling

PDT:Ignore the star with the number 2, I'm bronze :c I don't have that splinter hahaha I just rent it, you know that the best thing about the game is renting and I took the photo from the internet.
Well continuing with the topic what happens is that playing I ran into a splinter of the new ones and he kicked my ass, here I have the tests is
Djinn Oshannus.jpg
This is the beginning of the game I did not think I would lose so easily my mistake was to bring 3 magicians and my enemy amplified his damage with ALRICH STORBRIDGE

prueba 1.png
well finishing the game my splinter of earth FAILED SUMMONER he was left alone against the god of the sea hahaha
and his lackeys the rat of the sewers and the magic thief because with that hood it seems that he is going to steal me hahaha what a bad taste joke
prueva 2.png
Here you can see that I'm not lying hahaha 3 times I had to fight with him

PDT: ignore my editing skills I used paint hahaha :V
prueva marcada.jpg

After the beating the new splinter gave me, I played the following ones and won them and also learned to face the new splinter, great huh?
Well I already told you about my boring experience against the new anti-magician water splinter and with a lot of magic damage UwU
Match against the new super strong but not impossible to win anti magician water sliver
LINK Gameplay

well here my reward will give you a lot of laugh this
with this there are 4 that I have thanks splinterlands it is better to have several than not to have any
FireShot Capture 011  Splinterlands  Colecciona, Intercambia, ¡Lucha!
well finish and also sorry that my posts are poorly organized and poorly written
4 flacon.png
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