mylor crowling vs all splinter


Greetings to all the splinterlands community, here I have several games that were interesting to me because I only use mylor crowling in almost all my battles in my opinion the splinter is very strong for the bronze-silver league and maybe gold,

1-first game mylor crowling vs water splinter link Game play

mylor crowling is a very strong dirt splinter in low leagues but don't underestimate it as it has a lot of combinations against several splinters here I have a sample vs water splinter

2-second game mylor crowling vs fire splinter link Game play

second video shows mylor crowling vs fire splinter when i see my opponent uses fire splinter a lot i don't change my plan and i have good results

3-third video with mylor crowling vs death splinter link Game play

whenever I see that my opponent uses death splinter I don't change my plan my trust is always with mylor crowling

4-third video of mylor crowling vs splinter of life are the most used when it comes to having 99 mana link Game play

When I started playing splinterlands and got 99 mana, I didn't know what to use, so many combinations out there and I realized that they always use the life splinters.

5-fifth video to beat the mighty mylor crowling we have another like it hahaha link Game play

and finally mylor crowling vs mylor crowling a battle of the gods but there is always a winner in my case I won hehe but of course I did not carry much splinter of force, you know that mylor crowling returns the damage in my case I always recommend using splinter of magic and rank

well if you saw the videos thanks for your time, keep in mind that the strategy does not always work but 80% is won
capture partida.jpg


If you want to join to play splinterlands here is the reference link
if you have questions write to me and I can also help you.


mantoid and centaur behind opposite tank and good bye mylor! nice post!!!!