Share your battle: Disintegrator

Authored by @kevian21

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This is kevian21, here to share my battle with the usage of disintegrator.



Disintegrator, this card is a melee card that has decent health for tanking and is mainly used for his ability (Demoralize), provides debuff to enemies by 1 point of melee dmg, if you want more information about disintegrator click here.

The battle

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Battle link

The battle rulesets are blast and unprotected, I was expecting a sneak attack with a mix of magic dmg from my enemy, with this in mind, I had invoked the usage of disintegrator to decrease his melee attackers dmg and mycelic slipspawn to direct the damage to a single target thus giving my attackers more chances to attack.

my main damage dealer from this battle is Grund and Mitica headhunter.



grund is a very good damage dealer because of an ability he possesses which is the double strike, if you can redirect the incoming attacks to someone else causing him to survive longer, thus dealing more damage to the enemy.


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