I distributed more than 32 000 upvotes, 5 Hive tip from @kronias, a Grund Splinterlands card from @gamer00 (2023.01.24)


Today I was happy to read this comment from @hivebuzz about my achievement of distributing more than 32 000 upvotes. Nowadays my 100% upvote is worth only around $0.04 USD. I still upvote both posts and comments too. Mostly I do manual upvotes. I do automatic upvotes too, above 90% voting power.

I voted a lot in the recent few days, and currently (2023.01.24, 12:21 CET) my voting power is only 48.55%. I will wait a few days to let it recharge.

I also saw that two days ago (on 2023.01.22) I received a 5 Hive tip from @kronias with the "Small Token Of Love From The Hive Learners Community".

Thank you so much for the help/support.

Approximately two hours ago I received a Grund Splinterlands card from @gamer00.

Thank you so much for the card. Nowadays I very rarely play Splinterlands, but probably soon I will try this card in a few battles.

Other than these things, we currently do not have any other news. We are still looking for a rent. Today morning we woke up to a sunny weather, and 1 °C. The temperature currently (at 12:26 CET) is 7 °C. We walked in the entire morning. Probably we will spend the afternoon outside.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.