The bear market is hitting hard, but I am still holding and building my SWAP.HIVE:SPS liquidity position (2022.12.20)

In the previous six days (in less than one week) the value of my SWAP.HIVE:SPS liquidity position decreased $6.98 USD, and I am constantly building it with small amounts. Today (on 2022.12.20) it is worth $25.17 USD, and six days ago (on 2022.12.14) it was worth $32.15 USD.

Seeing an almost $7 USD loss on this position in less than one week is not pleasant at all (especially, when I am constantly building it), but I focus on the long term aspect. The interest rate is still very good (currently 56.99% APR).

The SPS went below $0.03 USD in the recent past. Currently it is $0.028 USD. Hopefully it will worth more in the future, but honestly speaking this is rather a lottery, because nothing is guaranteed in the market. Maybe it will go up in the next few months. Maybe it will go up in the next few years. Maybe it will not go up.

We will see. At least I tried this. I try to remain positive about this. This (smaller or higher price swings) is a part of investing. I have to get used to it.

$7 USD is still a good amount of money for me. I could buy food with it for three days. Or I could eat a lunch in a restaurant almost twice.

What about you? How do you see the SWAP.HIVE:SPS liquidity position building? Are you also doing it?

Is $7 USD a good amount of money for you? What can you buy with it?

It would be very interesting to see this from other aspects.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.