I climbed from Novice to Diamond in less than 24 hours



  • Read my lore, JKJK πŸ˜‚
  • For real, have played Splinterlands for about 1 year+
  • Previous account mostly played between Silver, Gold and Diamond 3


  • Want to challenge myself
  • Want to see how well Chaos Legion and Reward (CL) able to reach in Modern Ranked
  • Want to test is it viable to reach Diamond and beyond with low budget


Screenshot 2022-12-12 144637.png

  • Season Chest still Bronze while rating already in Diamond 3
  • Daily Chest still Bronze while rating already in Diamond 3
  • Daily Focus still have 1 hour and 10 minutes before next reset (Meaning got 1 hour+ left before hit 24 hours)


  • Modern Ranked
  • Max Chaos Legion
  • Max Reward (Chaos Legion)
  • Don't care about ECR, β€œECR is for the weak” - Patrick Star


  • Rented all Max Chaos Legion collection (2 days) = ~$7 (exclude Possibilus)
  • Bought all Max Reward (CL) = ~$140 (price at the time of writing)
  • Total around ~$147


Advantage of running this strategy:

  • IMO is cheap
  • Why I avoid Riftwatchers for now is because don't have much experience with this edition
  • With renting, motivation to climb ASAP is very high


  • Fight opponent with large collection and more options to choose from (Untamed + Dice + Chaos Legion + Riftwatchers)
  • Not owning any card which have a lot of use case in the future eg. wild ranked, wild tournament, land, etc.

I recorded most of my battles, below are my learnings and observations for each League:


  • Mostly will be Standard ruleset
  • Recommend to just spam magic with Obsidian as there are less monsters to reduce/reflect magic here
  • Bots here love to use Drake of Arnak


  • Obsidian and Kelya is strong here
  • Other than Standard ruleset will start to appear in Bronze 2 and Bronze 1
  • Got a lot of bots in this league with under leveled card
  • Battle highlights:
  1. Obsidian vs Kelya + Oshannus - Battle Link
  2. Kelya vs Thaddius (Odd Ones Out) - Battle Link


  • Start seeing more than 1 ruleset
  • No 1 summoner can be spam here, is all depend on the ruleset
  • Still versus players/bots with under leveled card
  • Battle highlights:
  1. Quix vs Tarsa (Silenced Summoner and Holy Protection) - Battle Link
  2. Thaddius vs Obsidian (Back To Basic and Stampede 🀣) - Battle Link


  • Hello, human! Finally, glad to see you guys here hahaha
  • Battle start to be really interesting as monsters have unlocked more abilities and able to fight more players and high end bots here
  • Battle highlights:
  1. Clutch - Battle Link
  2. Sloan vs Quix - Battle Link
  3. Jacek vs Thaddius - Battle Link
  4. Quix vs Jacek - Battle Link


  • My current status according to splintercards at the time of writing

Screenshot 2022-12-12 210018.png

  • How my last 50 battles looks like at splex.gg at the time of writing

Screenshot 2022-12-12 194014.png

The challenge is still not done yet, I still got less than 15 hours of rented cards at the time of writing, so be sure to follow me at PeakD and Twitter to see where I able to reach by the end of rental period 😏

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the post!


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