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Short Story

Lyanna is the best Anumün summoner after the Magi of the Forest.

In addition to summoning, she is blessed with a variety of other abilities, such as the capacity to speak clearly with creatures.

Aggrodius Lightbringer, her spouse, and their two daughters Kiara and Talia reside with them in Draykh-Nahka.

In stark contrast to her previous simple life in the Lyverian countryside, Lyanna today leads a busy and prominent life.

Why did I pick this summoner?

I chose this summoner because I wanted my monster to have an extra health point on the battlefield, in just case i really can not avoid the True Aim battle condition that was specified for this assignment. I also thought using earth on this challenge would work well with my approach.

Aim True

Take on this week's challenging fight in the challenge. Attacks made under this fighting condition will always hit the target.

My querry on new energy bar

New System

What if the new ECR system prevented energy loss in the case that we lose the battle, so that each victory merely used energy only. What is your thoughts or the upcoming update. Its beneficial for us or downside on the players?


Video Battle Challenge

Aim True

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Summary of the Game

Early Match up


  • In the first encounter, the rules are thorns and aim true. Thorns are infamous for their ability to do damage to melee attackers, and aim true also ensures that your assaults won't be missing. i have chosen lyanna as my summoner to increase my health poinst, level 5 earth level summoner can summoner high ranking common monster so take advantage on this kind of rules. Because to my fear that my opponent would use magic, I have used Failed Summoner to deflect magic damage. In terms of placement, I utilize 2 tanks: a sacrificial tank, which is Furious Chicken, and the actual proper tank, which is Flesh Golem. I only have two ranged attackers and one healer with magic attack. I believe that right now is sufficient to take this challenge on medium-length skirmishes.

  • I was astounded to learn that my opponent is playing in the gold league with the competitive summoner Lorna Shine and has used every gold card available. Also, he was trying to maximize the gold's possible additional boost benefits while underestimating my tactics and plan. I know that I usually have a little skepticism going into the first round, but I am quite certain that my cards are far better than him.

Mid-Game Encounter


  • After my chicken was instantly destroyed by my opponent's deadly blow, my flesh golem immediately switched sides in the fight to safeguard my line-up. He also has 1 legendary 0 mana substitute tank and uses Pelacor Conjurer as one of his major shields. The agony from the double strike from the Pelacor Arbalest was agonizing, and the terrifying aspect of the Venari Crystalsmith healing skills made me fear that I might not take down all his tanks. As the battle goes on, I will first take off the Holy Divine Shield in order to damage my opponents' health points because his monster is not protected by armor, which is the weakness on his team.



  • When I first saw my opponent in Round 3, he obviously lacks a tank. Dax Paragon is a poor protector, while Venari Crystal Smith is merely a healer who, if moved to the first position, becomes completely worthless for the duration of the round.

End Game


  • I was relieved that I was able to keep my Flesh Golem alive until the conclusion of the game. I felt bad for my Furious Chicken, but its sacrifices in order to be able to take more damage and helps to provide more time to attack my strikers to unlock the divine shield that makes my fight well worth it.

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Splinterlands Battle Link ✍️

Aim True Challenge


The Combat Link leads to the battle on the website of the Splinterlands.


Did your strategy work?

  • Because my opponent was using Lorna Shine and I was just using Lyanna Earth Style, I actually did not expect to win the match. But, the healing power of Flesh Golem proved to be the decisive factor. My failed summoner was poorly positioned, yet, making it difficult for my opponent to kill my Flesh Golem, and owing to the River Nymph's healing support, I was able to remain still and take enough damage to keep it from dying but it is still alive and well.

What will you try differently next time?

  • Even though I don't have enough ranged attackers to benefit from those skills, I was able to overcome the obstacle in this week's Challenge of the Week, which is new for us bloggers. I was able to progressively eliminate several of my opponent's monsters since Swamp Thing had the power to weaken them. General Sloan would be my summoner of choice if I had the option to do so in this game, mostly due to the fact that his damage bonus of 1 range is absolutely lethal to the other team.

General Sloan

Do you like the Aim True? Why or why not?

  • Another ability that is particularly useless when the opponent uses speed in aim true battle condition. Since all attacks will always land on target and cannot be avoided using speed, this skill, Aim true rules when used correctly, may be highly terrifying and even deadly. I believe that my opponent was more skilled than me in this challenge since he used ranged attacks and the two powerful Venari Crystalsmiths and Pelacor Arbalest cards. I, however, used Flesh Golem's healing powers and River Nymph to win. While it was a head-to-head battle, this time I managed to outwit my foe.


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