Even Stevens!! A challenging decision and an agonizing defeat

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The Great Battle Challenge

Early Match up


Legendary characters were not allowed to engage in our warfare, and only characters with an equal mana cost were permitted to participate in the ultimate Major Challenge, its Even Stevens Rule set. With 60 mana the maximum, this challenge's potential elements were water, death, and dragon, which is rather ridiculous and challenging to begin with.

Rules to Follow

When under pressure, I always have trouble choosing the ideal summoner. I consider which card would be the best for me to select in order to win a fight, thus I last-minutely settled on Brighton Bloom. I just wanted to be sure to use my summoner's flying ability to avoid more physical strikes. I then made the decision to recruit my sub-tank Arachne Thug and the powerful tank Djinn Chawalla. I also employed the Arkemis the Bear for extra buff armor for protection to all my monsters against sneak attacks or opportunity attacks. My mistake in selecting my cards was that I overthought it and my time was running out quickly. As a result, I was able to make a hasty decision and play a soulbond card called Will o' the Wisp, which is unnecessary for this battle because it does no damage to my opponent and has little impact on this type of challenge and rules. yet, I struggle with it. I should also add Grim Reaper to be my range attacker has low hit points, which makes my backline very vulnerable and exposed. Only Venari Bonesmith was the most suitable pick for me in the first round due to his life-leech abilities and still-weak defense despite his low health points.

My Opponent Stratgey

My opponent, who also uses the dragon element and is a level 2 Stispha, also used Deep Lurker as a potential killer to my rear guards because it is a strong and quick creature. In addition, he also had River Boat Captain, who ensured that blast magic would harm my sub-tank Archane Thug. However, the most crucial aspect of the battle was when he used Taunt, which absorbed all of my back-line attacks and took less damage because of his Wave Brood. Due to his tactic of taunting my damages, I was unable to get inside in order to demolish its tank. Even when I weaken him or take away one of his health points, my opponent remains resilient and composed.

Reserve Tank

When I noticed that the two reserve tanks weren't functioning during the first round of the combat since Djinn Chawalla is its primary tank, I was also astounded by how confident he was utilizing them. Because of the monsters he used on the battlefield, I'm seriously wondering how I managed to win this game. Despite Wave Brood surviving all significant damages as anticipated, I still run into issues in the first few rounds due to the reserve tank's potent Stampede ability and Double Quick Attack. I now understood that Born Again is one of my main problems in the fight since, in order to completely eliminate him from the battlefield after I destroy his taunting ability Wave Brood, I must kill him again in the second round.


Born Again is a unique ability that was just added by the creators of Splinterlands, and while I was unable to effectively use it, my opponent was well-prepared for our battle and made the most of Born Again's power in his plan of action.

Mid-Game Encounter


As the combat went on, I managed to take down the Wave Brood in the middle of a fight, but the River Boat Captain's blast magic ability annihilated my Djinn Chawalla and Arcane Thug. It was quite upsetting to watch your creature being destroyed twice by its blast power. I believed my tank would last a little while longer, but I was wrong about what would happen. My opponent Deeplurker kept assaulting my back line, taking down my Grim Reaper, who was my major damage source. The sole wounded member of my squad is Venari Bonesmith, thus my Arkemis the Bear is tanking to defend him at all costs. My Will-O-Wisp has nothing attack power and only serves to weaken my monster and absorb some damage, therefore he has no bearing on the middle or late stages of the game. It's difficult to accept that while I am almost at my limit and have received damage at all, my opponent still has significant characters who could impact the course of the dispute. What will my Venari Bonesmith do in the impending conflict while my tank is losing health? Deeplurker is waiting for his chance to make a move.

End Game


My Venari Bonesmith is my last card that is still kicking alive trying to push its limits to win a match but it came about that we couldn't do it because were getting less efficient and heading to be assassinated as my opponent continued to have the best line up for the late to end game. My Will-o-Wisp was my last resort as a tank. yet he got obliterated quickly, I could not defend my monster from Deeplurker's opportunity attack while Coastal Sentry stood by to take over as the next tank in position because Diemonshark was still healthy and powerful enough to withstand damage. Instead, I had to accept that I had lost the battle badly to my line-up.

Darastrix Modern Bronze GF Beginner

TOP 3 Competitor

Congratulations to these three participants for receiving a significant prize in SPS and demonstrating their talent to take part in such high-level disputes. These competitors received the most points and were the best performers, consequently, they managed to stay at the top.


That really was a wonderful duel.



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Even Stevens


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