Fire Monsters Are So Powerful. Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.

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How are you all? In this post, I would like to share with you two recent battles that I have taken part in. These battles were particularly interesting to me because I employed different strategies than usual, which ultimately led me to come out on top and achieve victory. I will be discussing in detail the strategies that I used in both battles and how they proved to be successful.

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I'm actively participating in a contest Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! that the #splinterlands team has organized on the Hive blockchain through writing this post.

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  • During the initial battle in the game of Splinterlands, there was a limitation set on the amount of mana each player could use, which was capped at 33. This restriction meant that players had to strategize and carefully choose which cards to include in their decks, as they could not exceed the given mana cap.
  • Furthermore, the game also automatically set up one rule for this particular battle, which was "Broken Arrows" This rule stipulated that none of the players could use any ranged attack monsters in the battle. This meant that players had to rely on other types of monsters, such as melee or magic-based ones, to defeat their opponents.
  • During a particular battle, there were no restrictions in place that would limit which sources monsters could be used. This meant that players were free to choose from any of the six available sources of monsters without any penalties or limitations. I decided to use the Earth summoner and accompanying monsters in the battle. The Earth summoner is a monster that belongs to the Earth source and has the ability to summon and strengthen other Earth monsters.

The Monsters I Have Used In this Battle.

Screenshot (1346).png

The Earth Summoner OBSIDIAN

Screenshot (1342).pngScreenshot (1343).pngScreenshot (1344).pngScreenshot (1341).pngScreenshot (1345).png
RARE Earth UnitRARE Earth UnitCOMMON Earth UnitRARE Earth UnitRARE Neutral Unit

Summary of the fight.

  1. My strategy for this battle was based on observations from previous battles played by the opponent. I noticed that in most of the battles, my opponent had been using the Earth summoner and accompanying Earth monsters. Based on this pattern, I deduced that it was likely my opponent would use the same lineup in this upcoming battle. In response, I decided to employ a simple strategy - I would also use the Earth source in the battle. This would allow me to directly counter my opponent's Earth monsters and possibly gain an advantage over the opponent.

  2. So I made the decision to put my melee attack monster, UNICORN MUSTANG, as the first member of my team. This was because melee attack monsters are only able to attack the opponent when positioned in the first position. My decision to use UNICORN MUSTANG in the first position was likely based on my desire to immediately start attacking my opponent and potentially gain an early advantage. As a melee attack monster, it is capable of delivering strong, close-range attacks that could potentially take down the opponent's monsters quickly. Also, it has an important ability that could help me in that battle. And that is VOID ability. That reduces damage from the magic attack.

  3. I used REGAL PERYTON at the second position because It is an effective monster with its 5-speed. Not only that it could damage 2 health of the opponent team's monster when used with the earth summoner OBSIDIAN.

  4. The Third position was taken by the RARE Earth Unit GOBLIN PSYCHIC. The main reason for using this monster was to heal up the first-positioned monster UNICORN MUSTANG in each round. Also, it can damage 3 health of the enemy monsters.

  5. The remaining 2 monsters KHMER PRINCESS and ELVEN MYSTIC were only used as a supporting card for the team. These two monsters have no particular ability but were doing a great job situating behind the team.

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Screenshot (1347).pngScreenshot (1348).png
Screenshot (1349).pngScreenshot (1350).png
  • In the attack of the first round's third phase, One of the opponent team's monsters, known as the REGAL PERYTON, launched an attack against my team's monster UNICORN MUSTANG with 2 magic power. But only manage to do 1 health damage because the void ability reduces the damage.

  • There were no monsters with sneak, snipe, or opportunity abilities. So all the monsters were targeting the first-positioned monsters of both teams. Not only that we both used almost the same monsters. So the battle was depending on which team could do more damage in a round.

  • If I calculate, my team's monsters were doing a total of 14 health damage whereas the opposition team was doing only 12 health damage.

Screenshot (1351).pngScreenshot (1352).pngScreenshot (1353).png
  • In the attack of the second round's third phase, finally the opposition team's monster UNICORN MUSTANG was killed. My team's UNICORN MUSTANG killed it.

  • As the most powerful monster died, the opposition team becomes weaker. In the attack of the second round's ninth phase, another opposition team's monster REGAL PERYTON was killed by the monster of my team KHMER PRINCESS.

  • Not only that, In the attack of the second round's ninth phase, GOBLIN PSYCHIC of my team targeted the opposite team's GOBLIN PSYCHIC and eliminate him from this battle.

Screenshot (1354).pngScreenshot (1355).png
  • And we all know, the rest of the two enemy monsters had literally no chance of winning this battle against the monsters of my team. They didn't even get the chance to attack in the third round. In the attack of the third round's second phase, UNICORN MUSTANG killed the enemy monster named ELVEN MYSTIC and then in the third phase, REGAL PERYTON killed the enemy monster KHMER PRINCESS.

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  1. Using UNICORN MUSTANG is one of the best cards when you are fighting against magic monsters. Its void ability reduce the damage that helps it to live a long time in battle.

  2. REGAL PERYTON would be a good call because it cost only 5 mana. And in case your opponent is using a different powered monster like melee or ranged attack, REGAL PERYTON has the chance of evading their attacks.

  3. GOBLIN PSYCHIC is the main trump card of the game. Each round, it restores 3 health of the first positioned monster. If you ask, I would say only because of the GOBLIN PSYCHIC, this strategy works every time.

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1St Battle (2).gif

  • The battle had a limit on the amount of mana that could be used, and that limit was set at 13. However, this particular battle had a different set of rules called "Aim True." This rule had a significant impact on the way the battle was fought, especially for the low-speed monsters. With the Aim True rule in place, even monsters with a speed of 1 could attack a monster with a speed of 10 without fear of missing their target.
  • The benefit of the Aim True rule was that it made it easier for low-speed monsters to hit their targets. Typically, when a monster with low-speed attacks a monster with high speed, there is a high chance that the attack will miss its target. However, with the Aim True rule, this risk was eliminated, and monsters with low speed could attack with confidence.

The Monsters I Have Used In this Battle.

The Rare Death Summoner

Screenshot (1359).pngScreenshot (1358).pngScreenshot (1357).pngScreenshot (1361).png
COMMON Death UnitCOMMON Death UnitCOMMON Death UnitCOMMON Death Unit

Strategy Of The Fight.

  1. As the battle mana cap was only 13, I had to do Something that cost less and can not be killed so easily. That is why I choose the magic attack monster, VENARI BONESMITH, and LIFE SAPPER. Because these two monsters came with one of the best abilities in the splinterlands game which is Life Leech. Each time they do single damage to the enemy monster's health, gains extra health. That is why I used these two monsters.

  2. To protect against enemy monsters, I employed two different monsters: the "Carrion Shade" and the "Cursed Slimeball." The "Carrion Shade" was selected to take on the enemy monsters head-on, as it is capable of absorbing at least one attack from the enemy team. By absorbing an attack, the Carrion Shade effectively acts as a shield, preventing the enemy monster from doing any damage to the VENARI BONESMITH. On the other hand, the "Cursed Slimeball" was chosen to guard against enemy monsters that possess sneak abilities. The Slimeball's ability to take one hit from such monsters ensures that the "Life Sapper" on the team does not take any damage. The Life Sapper is a critical member of the team, as it provides important support functions and therefore needs to be protected.

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  • In the attack of the first round's fourth phase, first attack attempt from the enemy team's monster Life Sapper that damages one health of Carrion Shade and gains extra health because of Life Leech ability.

  • In the attack of the first round's sixth & eighth phases, my team's monsters VENARI BONESMITH and LIFE SAPPER killed two of the enemy team's monsters and gain extra health because both of them possess the Life Leech ability.

Screenshot (1362).pngScreenshot (1363).png
Screenshot (1364).pngScreenshot (1365).png
  • In the attack of the first round's twelfth phases, the enemy ranged attack monster SOUL STRANGLER killed the monster of my team called Carrion Shade.
Screenshot (1366).pngScreenshot (1367).pngScreenshot (1368).png
  • I found myself incredibly lucky, During the third round's first phase. All of the monsters in the battle had the same speed, which gave me an advantage. However, there was still a chance that the enemy team's monster, SOUL STRANGLER, could strike first on my VENARI BONESMITH and kill him, causing me to lose the battle. Luckily, my luck continued to favor me, and both of my team's monsters were able to attack first. They were successful in taking down the enemy team's LIFE SAPPER, which turned the battle in my favor. Thanks to this fortunate turn of events, I was able to win the battle easily.

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  • The recommended approach with the lowest mana cost is to add VENARI BONESMITH and LIFE SAPPER to the team. While these two units may not seem particularly robust due to their low health, they possess a unique ability known as Life Lich which increases their health and strength over time. Although some people might be hesitant to include them, their potential to become more powerful makes them valuable additions.

  • An alternative option to consider is to use Dragon Summoner DRAKE OF ARNAK instead of Death Summoner THADDIUS BROOD. The Dragon Summoner DRAKE OF ARNAK will add an extra protection layer which we call armor will help VENARI BONESMITH and LIFE SAPPER not to take damage to their health.

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Thanks for reading so far. For more videos, please follow my youtube channel.



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