It's a battle between the LIFE and DEATH. Splinterlands Social Media challenge. Week 5.

Hello there, my lovely hive pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you all are safe and well. So a new week with a new battle challenge. This time I fought against the LIFE Sources Monsters where against them I used the DEATH Sources Monsters. In this post you will find out some valuable information about some of the DEATH Sources Monsters and you will have an idea of how you can utilize these monsters in a battle.


A quick overview of the battle.

Screenshot (1105).pngScreenshot (1106).png
  • The fight was against #ZANBUR, one of the fellow splinterlands warrior who is very fond of the LIFE Source monster. The reason I am saying that is because for the previous 5 battles he was using the life monsters. So I decided to use the Death monsters but not the Death summoner. Instead of that, I used the DRAGON SUMMONER "DRAKE OF ARNAK". As I predicted before that my friend ZANBUR is going to use the LIFE Source monsters so I think using the DRAGON SUMMONER would be a better choice.

The mana limit of this battle was 26 and the battle rule was Standard.

💥Now I am going to tell you why I used this monster and how this strategy worked against the LIFE monsters.💥



  • 💥 In the first position I used the Rare DEATH Monster CURSED WINDEKU because it is a melee power monster so if you want it to attack the enemy monster you should place it in the first position.

  • 💥 Another reason for using it in the first place is the "Thorns" ability. When a monster with melee power is damaged CURSED WINDEKU, the attacker gets 2 damage back. Life source monsters are mostly melee powered so CURSED WINDEKU is the best choice for this battle.


Screenshot (1107).png

  • 💥 CARRION SHADE is a monster that is probably used only for tanking for the other monsters in the team. With two health and extra armor from the summoner, it can tank at least two attacks from the opposition monsters. And with only 1 mana cost, it is good to use in a battle.


Screenshot (1108).png

  • 💥 DEATH ELEMENTAL is a Rare DEATH monster. I use this monster in third place because after two of the my monster die, it can tank for one of his team mate and the most powerful monster of this battle LIFE SAPPER. Also it has the unmissed attack magic power and with the combination of "Snipe" ability, DEATH ELEMENTAL is a big threat for the opponent's ranged and magic attack monsters.


Screenshot (853).png

  • 💥There are two reasons I am going to tell you, which will explain to you why you should use this Rare DEATH Monster LIFE SAPPER.

💥 1. It is a magic attack power monster so it will never hit the target.

💥 2. The "Life Leech" ability increase it's health each time LIFE SAPPER damage any enemy monsters health.



  • 💥 The beings from the world of shades SILENT SHA-VI is a Rare DEATH monster. It wouldn't be useful if it didn't have the "Sneak" ability. Now the question is why the "Sneak" ability is important. You see most of the players even me used the ranged or low health powerful monster back of the row so that the monster used upfront can tank for them and they do their damages. And the "Sneak" ability monster attacks those back position monsters first. So SILENT SHA-VI is a big threat.

💥💥 I'm taking part in the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! an event hosted by #Splinterlands with this post. If you want to join the event, the link to the post has been given.💥💥

Thank you so much for your time and effort to read this post. I deeply appreciate it.


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